With your legacy, a part of you will
always be here to help more people.

What is a legacy and why is it important?

A legacy is an opportunity to ensure that your commitment to a cause endures even when you have passed away. It is a way of showing that the cause you hold dear is important enough to be supported even though you are no longer here. With your bequest, a part of you will always remain with us.

As a non-profit organisation, our job relies on the donations of our members and the income earned from different events, our charity shops and gifts. Legacies are vital to our organization: they make it possible for our special kind of caring to reach all those who need it, completely free of charge.

Your legacy will add life to the days of so many people.

How can I leave a legacy to Cudeca?

Making a will should never be a mere mechanical procedure, nor should it make you fearful or anxious. It is a meaningful deed that allows you to make a choice and then express your wishes in an official document.

Leaving part of your estate to Cudeca is like leaving it to a loved one or a relative. It just needs to be stipulated in your Will.

We would like to meet you

We are always delighted whenever we receive a legacy. We feel both very fortunate and humble at the same time because this is the most generous deed and a great responsibility for us.

We would like to meet the person behind the deed personally and discover what motivated them to collaborate with us by making such a welcome and useful gesture.  But above all, we would like to be able to give them our thanks in person.

Hence, when you make your legacy, please tell us more about yourself. You may give us your name or remain anonymous. Send us a letter or a photo as you prefer. Or come along and meet us. We would be delighted to welcome you.

Should you decide to leave a legacy to our project and have any doubts at all,
please get in touch with us and we will help you or your solicitor with any formalities that may be needed.

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