Organize a charity event!

If you are a person, an association or a company you can organize whatever you want
Birthday party, wedding, games of any sport, coffee mornings, dinners with friends in a restaurant, concert, a challenge… any idea can become an event in aid of CUDECA.

Register your charity event, spread it among your friends and raise funds so that we can continue taking care of it.
If you have any questions, our fundraising team will answer them for you.

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You can organise:

Charity Birthday. Ask your friends and family to help you raise funds for CUDECA. You can create your birthday at; and ask your family and friends to donate there.

Charity Wedding. We’ll make you a special design full of sunflowers. Call us at 952 564 910 or write to us at

Charity Sport Match. Gather your friends/family, book a sport field and raise funds. You can also get prizes and raffle them. And also make a barbecue or paella to get more funds.

Charity Concert. Find a venue or ask your nearest Town Hall for help, find the day of the concert and more details (ticket price, artist, host, etc. But first of all, you need to contact us on

 If you need help, we can help you. – 952 564 910.

You can organize:

Charity event related to your activity
For example: Football championship, dance, painting exhibition, etc.

Charity raffle with great prizes
Get prizes from companies close to your association and make a raffle. You will need tickets and urn.

If you need help, we can help you. – 952 564 910.

You can help us:

  • Allocating a percentage of the day’s revenue to CUDECA.
  • Allocating a percentage of the sale of a product / service.
  • Organise a charity event. For example: Concert or Paella Solidaria.

1st Plan your event in advance
What type of event you would like to organize, how would you call the event (title) and setting a date for celebration. Plan it quite in advance so you will share your ideas much better.

2nd Contact with those involved in your event
Many different people, companies and other entities can be  involved in a charity initiative. For example: celebrating a charity dinner at a restaurant, sports facilities, requests and petitions to the Town Hall of your town, etc.

3rd Register your event
You can do so at and you will receive a confirmation email within a few days.

4th Contact your local Town Hall and media, so you can inform them of your event.

5th Spread the word out
If you want your event to be successful, you need to spread the word out as much as possible.

Encourage your family and friends to use their social networks to help you by posting your event information in their accounts and around their friends and acquaintances.

Hang posters around the area you will celebrate your event.

Also, do it at key points round your town (Municipal Library, associations, clubs, talks, etc.).

Don’t worry, we’ll help you do it too!

6th List the needs related to your event
What do you need? Make a list of what you will need and involve your friends, family, close businesses, it. Is it posters, tickets, prizes, sound equipment, organization staff, musicians, presenter, etc.

7th Now, time is up! Today is the day!
We will be with you at your event with an information desk; and, if we can, there will also be a representative from CUDECA to say a few words to thank everyone.

8th After your event
You must account for the income you have collected and deposit it in the CUDECA bank account: La Caixa ES52 2100 1621 9102 0020 8268 Please, write the name of your event as concept.

You should also thank everyone involved in your event and let them know how much money you have raised to help us.

We will send you a receipt with the amount you transfer and a Thank You Letter, so you will be able to show it to your friends, family and sponsors.

8th After your initiative
You must account for the income you have collected and deposit it in a CUDECA account: La Caixa ES52 2100 1621 9102 0020 8268. In a specific concept the name of the initiative.

You should also thank everyone involved in your event and let them know what you have raised.

We will send you a receipt with the amount entered and a letter of appreciation so that you can show it to your friends, family and stakeholders.

Thank you!

There are as many events and initiatives as there are ideas in the world.

You just have to find the one that best suits you.

A charity birthday or wedding, a challenge, a football match, a concert, a paella lunch,… anything could be transformed into a charity event!

If you need us to help you find a charity idea, we can help you! Visit our website and click on Event to see previous ideas already celebrated.

Call us to the Events Department at 952 564 910 or email us to

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