Do you have a restaurant or bar?
Turn it into a charity!

All you have to do is donate 1 euro from the sale of a dish or tapa of your choice to Cudeca Hospice, and you will be helping us to care for many people at the end of their lives.

If you want to help us and join the charity restaurants

tell us your idea of a charity dish on 638 108 618 or send us an email to

We will help you spread the word about your collaboration in the media and on our social networks.

You will also benefit from tax deductions. More information about deductions

They are currently active

Ask for their charity dishes

Restaurants joining our campaign

Their “Boquerones Fritos” raised 4.905€.

News of the collaboration

Their 1.000 truffled omelettes raised 1.010€.

News of the collaboration

Their charity lasagne raised 400€

News of the collaboration

They have been collaborating with their 4 restaurants for a year and have raised 4,361 euros in 2021

In just one summer they raised 6025 euros with their charity spits

News of the collaboration

Their 3 charity dishes raised 587 euros



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