1,000 solidarity tortillas

News 18 Feb 2021

1,000 solidarity tortillas

1,000 solidarity tortillas

Taberna Uvedoble in Málaga city joined our Sunflower Effect campaign last October 2020 leading the Solidarity Restaurant initiative to continue helping us to care for more people at the end of their lives. This charity Restaurant campaign consists on donating 1€ out of every truffled omelette (tortilla) served in the tavern.

This week, Guillermo Orellana "Willy" handed over the proceeds, which reached a total of 1,100 euros. We are very grateful to have been able to count on his help and the complicity of his clientele since, as he himself told us, had never served so many omelettes as on this occasion.

Other restaurants have joined this initiative  too to help us by donating one euro out of their most important dishes and there are still many more to join up.

Any restaurant or café that would like to do their bit can contact our Cudeca's fundraising department or email eventos@cudeca.org.

We continue helping more than 1,600 people in the province of Málaga as the numbers increase, and we are undergoing a very difficult economic situation due to the Covid pandemic. Any help we receive from the community is always more than welcome and very much appreciated.

Thank you.