Patients in a more complex state, who cannot be cared for at home, receive specialized care in this unit 24 hours a day. In order to provide quality care for both patients and their families, the unit is formed by expert professionals with extensive experience; and, in addition, a welcoming environment has been designed to provide the privacy and peace of mind required at this time. This is a 10 bedroom hospital located in our center in Benalmadena.

If your medical team has referred you to our In-Patient Unit, we welcome you and thank you for the confidence to achieve the well-being and comfort you deserve. Adapting to an environment which is not your home may not be easy, so we offer answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need more information do not hesitate to ask your Cudeca medical team.

You will be cared by a specialized team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, psychologist, social worker, and physiotherapist with high professional competence and compassionate treatment. It will provide you and your family with security and assistance on a physical, psychological, social and spiritual level, making you participate at all times in the evolution of the process of illness.

We have 10 rooms, 7 of them are double and 3 are single rooms. Double rooms are for single use, since the second bed is fitted out so that a relative or loved one can accompany you whenever you wish.

We have the necessary sanitary technology for your assistance (articulated bed, individually adapted bathroom, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy…) and details to make your stay very pleasant. There is a warm home decoration, shelves where you can have your personal objects visible and accessible to you, direct and individual exit to the terrace and garden without architectural barriers, television and wifi network.

During your admission you will be able to attend the Day Unit if you wish and the medical team considers it would be good to you, as well as the gymnasium guided by the physiotherapist, if appropriate for your well-being.

In addition, your relatives will be able to enjoy a family room with toilet and a children’s playroom. We have an area set aside for meditation and prayer, it is not exclusive to any religion and is open for the practice of any cult or belief. If you want specific spiritual assistance, you can communicate it to the medical team and they will help you in this regard.

It is not a medium or long stay unit, most patients are admitted for a few days and usually stay no longer than two weeks.

You will need comfortable clothing and personal hygiene items. It is not necessary to provide medication as we have a pharmacy and nurses will be responsible for providing it.

We guarantee a balanced diet adapted to your personal situation. Our diets are reviewed by our nutritionist and homemade recipes are prepared by the kitchen staff. Upon arrival, the nurse will conduct a nutritional interview to determine your needs.

The schedule of the five meals that will be served to you will be: Breakfast 9,30h – Lunch 14,00h – Snack 17,00h – Dinner 20,00h.

We offer lunch menus for the family member accompanying you. Ask the nursing auxiliary staff about the menu and your subscription.

All of our care is free of charge, including specialized care from our doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, physical therapist and qualified volunteers.

CUDECA is mainly financed by private donations, regular donors, events, legacies, tins, Charity Cudeca Shops. Only a small percentage of their income is public, mostly from a contract with the Regional Ministry of Health, which finances part of the cost of the Home Care and In-Patient Unit Programs.

This is the reason we, as a team, are always asking for your help and the community.

Visit “GET INVOLVED” for more information.

Your loved ones are always welcome, from 10.00 a. m. to 22.00 p. m., the doors of the In-Patient Unit will remain open, later these hours the doors will remain closed to guarantee proper rest. If for any exceptional circumstance you have difficulties to be visited by any of your relatives do not hesitate to consult the medical team of the In-Patient Unit.

The children will also be welcomed and will be able to enjoy the playroom for their enjoyment.

Our team speaks English perfectly and, if it is another language, we will ask for the invaluable help of our volunteer interpreters.

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To access any of our care, it is essential that your doctor from the health center or hospital refers you to CUDECA with a full report on your illness and treatment.