Our teams care for patients in their own homes, providing the medical and psychological care, as well as social support they (and their relatives) need.

These teams are made up of a nurse and a doctor specializing in palliative care and are complemented by psychologists and social workers to provide care adapted to each patient’s situation.

Home visits are carried out from Monday to Friday, mainly in the morning and in close coordination with the Primary Health Care teams of the Public Health Service.

The medical team aims to an initial comprehensive assessment to:

–         Thoroughly explore the symptoms that the illness is causing.

–         Recognize the functional status.

–         Perform a nutritional assessment.

–         Make An emotional assessment.

–         Recognize the social situation in relation to the socio-family network, the work situation, the needs in relation to orthopedic material and adaptation of the housing.

With this initial assessment, the medical team carries out an individualized care plan according to the needs of the patient and relatives and always focused on the patient´s wishes, which may change over time thanks to the continuous monitoring of the medical and psycho-social team through telephone calls, home visits and outpatient consultations in the Cudeca Centre.

To access any of our care, it is essential that your doctor from the health center or hospital refers you to CUDECA
with a full report on your illness and treatment.

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