Every Saturday in August and September See you at the Kiyogamassage Yoga Solidarity!

Event 19 Aug 2021

Every Saturday in August and September See you at the Kiyogamassage Yoga Solidarity!

Every Saturday in August and September See you at the Kiyogamassage Yoga Solidarity!

The Kiyogamassage yoga studio in Avenida Bosquemar, n 48, in El Rosario (Marbella), opens its doors every Saturday in August and September for a Yoga Solidarity class at 9am to help us continue our special kind of caring.


Kiyogamassage is a Yoga studio located in Avenida Bosquemar, number 48, in El Rosario (Marbella). Karina Ruffa, the director of the centre, started her career studying music therapy in 1986 at the age of 17 and has 30 years of professional experience in her field. Thanks to music she was able to work with groups of young people with special needs in schools, a pleasantly enriching experience in her life. Through these work groups she learned that there is always hope for progress and learning, and that cultivating patience is the key to success. After a few years and personal experiences, she was introduced to Shiatsu techniques, providing her with the calm and balance she needed at this time in her life and serving as a bridge to delve into other massage techniques such as Thai and Ayurvedic massage. In 2015, she began her instruction as a Yoga teacher and since then, she delved into the world of meditation and Vipassana practice. One of the guiding phrases for Karina Ruffa is "do everything with so much love in your heart that you never want to do it any other way".


Practices available at Kiyogamassage:


Hatha Yoga: Old discipline as a holistic care system. Body, mind and spirit are strengthened and calmed by the practice of asanas (postures), breathing and meditation. Continuous yoga practice keeps you active and flexible and helps you deal with stress and anxiety.


Ayurvedic massage: Combines traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage with yoga therapies based on sequences of stretches and asanas used in physical yoga practice. This method of massage is performed with deep and vigorous touches, using the hands and feet to stimulate the vital organs.


One of Karina's main motivations for starting this solidarity initiative connects to her passion for helping others. Karina, after the distressing quarantine without knowing anyone in Marbella, heard an advertisement from the Cudeca Foundation looking for volunteers. She did a short voluntary work in one of the Cudeca shops and soon after started her project with her Kiyogamassage studio. Thanks to having met the team at the Cudeca shop in Marbella, this solidarity initiative of Yoga classes was born to help so many people who need to know this ancient philosophy of movement and spirit and, at the same time, to help the Cudeca Foundation.


Book your place on this telephone number 678 86 41 99, places are limited due to capacity and health and social restrictions anti Covid:


Saturday, 21 August

Saturday, 28th August

Saturday, 4th August

Saturday, 11th August

Saturday, 18 August

Saturday, 25th August


All classes are at 9am with a donation of €10 per person, all of which will go to the Cudeca Foundation.