Philanthropy that adds life to days

News 29 Mar 2022

Philanthropy that adds life to days

Philanthropy that adds life to days

Antonio Romero Sanchiz was one of those friends who had been part of Cudeca Hospice since its beginnings, staying close and advising from his vision as a successful entrepreneur. We met him when, in 1991, Antonio had just become a widower with 3 young children. His wife had died of cancer and when he read in an English newspaper that a British lady wanted to start a Hospice, he felt the need to contact her, firstly looking for help, but also curious to know more about this challenging project.  The moment he met Joan Hunt, he became part of the project. Everything we at Cudeca were able to give him, he gave us back with good recommendations, valuable to guide the growth of such a complex organisation. He was a marketing and communications  specialist, an entrepreneur with many years of experience, very innovative and always interested in new challenges.

At the beginning of 2020, he too was hit by a tough, rapid diagnosis, which led to his departure a few months later. Cudeca also had the opportunity, the privilege, to accompany him and help him till the end, both at his home in Benalmádena and in our In-Patient Unit.

One of his last wishes was to donate a large sum of money to Cudeca, which his children soon materialised, even increasing what their father had in mind. Generosity upon generosity. Antonio also made it very clear to us that we should spread the word about this gesture, not for him, but for Cudeca, so that others could, through philanthropy, through society's co-responsibility with those who suffer, to take steps and help.

Attached is an article that talks about philanthropy and the generous gesture of Antonio and his family.

Antonio's spirit, his attitude to life, his wise counsel and lofty values, and above all, his energy and determination are still alive today among those of us in Cudeca's management.

Rest in peace, dear friend Antonio.