“Every patient is a unique person”

“How do I tell him this ?, He’s very down and I don’t know how to cheer him up, He doesn’t want to eat, what shall I do?”
These are situations which can occur every day to the  family or carer of a patient who is in the advanced stage of his illness.

Practical advice for your everyday life

To be with and care for your loved one requires strength and is a big responsibility  and even though there is love and dedication, the family/carer can still meet with difficulties which will cause tiredness and can wear one out.

This is why, in Cudeca, we help the family/carer with professional advice to better look after their loved one and also to help the family/carer themselves.

Information about the plan of care

We provide to the patient pain and symptom control of the advanced illness and provide the family/carer the support they need.

Every patient is unique, deserving the best care possible at all levels and in Cudeca this is provided extensively to the family/carer with our “special kind of caring”.

Supports and care in the role as caregiver

In addition, with the objective of improving quality of life to the patient, they can participate in the following:

  • Therapies like gentle massage, reiki etc. provided by our team of volunteers and supervised by our qualified nurse/co-ordinator of the Day Centre.
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation given by our physiotherapist and monitored by our specialist doctor in rehabilitation.


We have created workshops for individuals or groups so that the family/carer looks after themselves and in this way, they are able to care better for the patient:

  • Workshop  –  “A practical guide to caring “
  • Workshop – “Communicating with your loved one”
  • Workshop – “Bereavement”

We thank Obra Social La Caixa for their collaboration.