No One Fights Alone charity Yoga and Pilates classes organized by Evo Pilates raise an incredible €1,225 for Cudeca in only one evening!

News 07 Dec 2022

No One Fights Alone charity Yoga and Pilates classes organized by Evo Pilates raise an incredible €1,225 for Cudeca in only one evening!

No One Fights Alone charity Yoga and Pilates classes  organized by Evo Pilates  raise an incredible €1,225 for Cudeca in only one evening!
  • October 27th, Evo Pilates organized a charity evening to enjoy their Yoga & Pilates classes raising an incredible amount of €1,225 for the Cudeca Foundation.
  • They planned an online link to help their friends, relatives and acquaintances to proceed with their donations and many donated, even from various countries as the United States of America, Greece and the United Kingdom.
  • Evo Pilates owners, Gareth and Sue plan to continue their charity work for Cudeca in the near future since they feel the cause very close to their hearts.



Evo Pilates and a charity evening for the memory of all


On October 27th, around 30 people, lovers of Yoga & Pilates attended the charity event that Evo Pilates organized at their premises in Bulevar Cala de Mijas (on top of Carrefour).


They all came up dressed up in pink to honor those who are going through cancer and the ones who are no longer here, which made the event very emotional for everyone.


A donation for Cudeca was requested at the entrance and raffle tickets were sold by Gareth (one of the owners of Evo Pilates) and Laura Ríos (with the Tins Department of the Cudeca Foundation).


In words of Gareth and Sue, owners of Evo Pilates: “It is amazing to have been able to find Cudeca so we can dedicate our charity work to them, since their cause is close to our heart. We believe in putting the heart and the soul together with health, and there is nothing that would make us happier than continue raising funds for Cudeca, so they can keep on their special kind of caring to so many”. On her behalf, Laura Ríos with the Tins Department of the Cudeca Foundation: “I feel so honored to be able to work with people as Gareth and Sue, with such a big heart and wanting to help others so much!.”


Later on in November, Sue and Gareth paid a visit to the Cudeca Palliative Care Centre in Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmádena) and were given a tour around the premises by Laura Ríos. They were very impressed and were able to see the new projects on the Cudeca Institute for Studies & Research on Palliative Care and the Palliative Care Paediatric Unit.


Evo Pilates Story


Evo comes from Evolve your Mind and Body to achieve Balance. The studio opened in Feb 2022 offering classical Pilates privates and group classes.


Sue Williams, owner and teacher is originally from the UK. She discovered Pilates looking for help to recover from a back injury while living in the USA. To help others gain from the health benefits Pilates offers, teaching was a natural progression Sue completed her classical Pilates training with Power Pilates in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Now with over 10 years of teaching experience working with students of all ages and fitness levels, in person and online. Sue now has the opportunity to share the rewards and experiences with her students in Spain, at Evo Pilates in La Cala de Mijas.


Amanda is originally from New Zealand and is a very experienced Yoga teacher; she is currently teaching Vinyasa and Gentle Mobility Yoga at Evo Pilates studio.


Rachel Burns is a certified Yoga teacher and also practises Meditation and life coaching.


Why making a charity day for Cudeca?


In honor of Maureen Ann Williams,Sue´s mother in law and Gareth´s mother, who sadly passed away from cancer in June this year.

Maureen was in palliative hospice care in the UK and the care staff do an amazing job so Sue and Gareth just want to give back and help support Cudeca.


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Special thanks go to Sue and Gareth for their work and dedication to health and wellbeing and for trying to get others into their world setting the example for a charity action. All in Cudeca thank you for that.