My work is a gift, by Alicia Arranz (Nurse, Home Care Team)

News 26 Jul 2022

My work is a gift, by Alicia Arranz (Nurse, Home Care Team)

My work is a gift, by Alicia Arranz (Nurse, Home Care Team)

My name is Alicia, I am a nurse in one of Cudeca Foundation's home care teams. My personal trajectory in Cudeca is 15 years old this year. Currently, my working area is Alhaurín de la Torre, Churriana and Cártama.

My typical working day is as follows:

  • Once I arrive at the centre in the mornings, I check if there have been any calls from my patients the previous afternoon.
  • If so, I assess their needs and make case management telephone calls.
  • Afterwards, I enjoy breakfast with my colleagues - a bit of humour is never lacking.
  • After breakfast, I go out with my medical partner to visit patients: these visits are usually scheduled the day before. In between visits (and the return to the centre) we make follow-up calls to other patients, calls to bereaved family members, schedule the next day's visits, and make management calls with primary and specialised healthcare professionals.
  • Back at the centre it is time to record all the interventions performed that day.

On a day-to-day basis, I enjoy my work, I feel privileged to have the possibility to care in a special way, as we do at Cudeca. Being able to have the time and skills to care for people in all their dimensions is one of the things I like most about my job. I experience as a gift the fact that patients and their families open the doors of their homes, their intimacy and their lives to us.

In our relationship with patients and their families, the helping relationship, i.e. the communicative relationship and the appropriate emotional support in such complicated circumstances as the end of life, is of great importance. For this reason, training in communication and psychological skills is essential in this area of healthcare.



But it is not only professional skills that are important in this work; a sense of direction and driving skills are also very important. Fortunately, nowadays GPS is of great help, but even so, it is often necessary to follow the directions of family members to isolated houses. Places where an ambulance could not reach, we, with Cudeca's utility cars, manage to cross dry riverbeds, unpaved lanes, cross roads full of dogs or goats, get lost, go back..... Enjoying, of course, the magnificent landscapes of Malaga.

And, sometimes, why not! enjoying the moment, even for a long time, while we wait for the crane to arrive.... Because among so many lanes, so much rain, so many hills... we've burnt the clutch!