Shop premises transferred to Cudeca Hospice by Mijas Town Hall

News 16 Jul 2020

Shop premises transferred to Cudeca Hospice by Mijas Town Hall

Shop premises transferred to Cudeca Hospice by Mijas Town Hall

On July 16 the Mijas  Town Hall approved the transfer to us of a municipal property located in La Cala de Mijas so that we can establish a new charity shop with the aim of raising funds to continue caring for people at the end of their life.

The Councillor for Patrimony, Andrés Ruiz, and the Councillor for Health, Mari Carmen González have commented that "We are granting a shop premises to the Foundation - Cudeca Hospice that has been doing very commendable work for many years, giving their palliative care for cancer, and our response from the Mijas Town Hall could not be any other than supporting them, since the main source of their income for obtaining funds is through their charity shops" said Ruíz.

"The premises has a total area of ​​134 m2,  which will be transferred to Cudeca for free for four years with the option of renewing it," said Ruiz.

They added “Cudeca Hospice is a Foundation that has more than 20 charity shops distributed throughout the province and in all the municipalities of the Costa del Sol, but upto now they have not had one in the municipality of Mijas, but thanks to the work carried out by the Department of Patrimony, which is run by my colleague Andrés, this La Cala charity shop is already a reality, ”said González.

The Councilor for Health also wanted to appeal to citizens to collaborate with Cudeca Hospice, since "due to the pandemic , their income has been severely reduced and they need a lot of staff to continue their palliative treatment and care" and added that "with this transfer of premises we hope to contribute to any short falls that they may have and as soon as they open the doors we will be there to collaborate."

Cudeca's charity shops operate "thanks to the volunteers who help in their management, the donations they receive from the community and of course their customers, and in them you can find almost anything at a very good price, such as clothing, accessories, furniture, utensils, tools, second-hand books, and all in very good condition."

The Cudeca Hospice gives its heartfelt thanks to the important support of the Mijas Town Hall for helping us to continue to give end of life care.