Fundacion Unicaja supports our work and the Home Care Unit

News 22 Oct 2020

Fundacion Unicaja supports our work and the Home Care Unit

Fundacion Unicaja supports our work and the Home Care Unit

The Fundación Unicaja´s support for our programme, which offers specialised care at home to terminally ill cancer patients, will make it possible to care for 1,500 patients and 2,250 family members this year, 2020.

The Fundación Unicaja's Volunteers Club is now completely available to provide support in our charity shops.

We have joined forces with the Fundación Unicaja to improve the quality of life of patients in a terminal situation, promoting collaboration between the two institutions to develop the Home Care Unit that we have kept active despite the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The support of the Fundación Unicaja is part of one of the strategic priorities of this foundation, which aims to help groups in vulnerable situations, paying special attention to people with serious illnesses and diseases, contributing to improving their quality of life.

Fundación Unicaja also cooperates with us in the development of this programme in which medical teams (each consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a psychologist and a social worker) travel to carry out home visits to patients throughout the province of Malaga.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a change in the way our teams operate, increasing telephone control and favouring the visit of a single doctor to the patient's home when this is carried out in person.


The Home Care Unit not only offers support to terminal patients, but also provides emotional, social and spiritual support to these people and their families, and plans to care for a total of 1,500 patients and 2,250 family members by 2020.

In addition, and following our call for volunteers to attend our shops, the Fundación Unicaja Volunteer Club has made itself available to us to carry out support work in our shops.

They helps us so that the 1,500 people who suffer from cancer and other advanced illnesses in the province of Malaga can be treated with a comprehensive approach and free of charge, receiving specialised home care, in collaboration with the Primary Care teams, who are responsible for the patient, together with the emergency services and the reference hospitals of the public administration.

The project seeks to improve and maintain the highest possible quality of life, ensuring a symptom-free life, in the company of loved ones and in their own home, until the end.

In 2019, our Home Care Unit attended a total of 1,524 patients, of which 1,053 were new patients, and their 2,285 family members as well.

The history of collaboration between us began in 2006, and since then the Fundación Unicaja has been very supportive of us in all kinds of social and cultural activities aimed at raising awareness of our hospice mission and raising funds for our purposes.

Since our creation in 1992, we have helped more than 17,000 people through our assistance programmes: Home Care, Day Unit, Income Unit, Outpatient Consultation, Psychosocial Programme, Rehabilitation Programme and Assisted Advice. In addition, we actively develop study, training, research and awareness programmes in palliative care, both for professionals and volunteers, families and the general public.