The Mayor of Mijas inaugurates the new Cudeca Hospice Charity Shop in La Cala de Mijas

News 01 Jun 2021

The Mayor of Mijas inaugurates the new Cudeca Hospice Charity Shop in La Cala de Mijas

The Mayor of Mijas inaugurates the new Cudeca Hospice Charity Shop in La Cala de Mijas

On the 1st of June, the Mayor of Mijas, Josele González, together with the Chief Executive & Medical Director of  Cudeca Hospice, Dr. Marisa Martín, inaugurated the Foundation's latest charity shop; the first in the municipality of Mijas and the 25th in the province of Málaga.

The shop, which has been granted free of charge by the Mijas Town Hall with the option to renew after 4 years, is located at number 5, Bulevar de la Cala de Mijas and has 130 metres of floor space.

The inauguration was also attended by the councillors of Heritage, Health and Volunteering, Andrés Ruiz, Mari Carmen González and Mariló Olmedo, respectively, as well as other members of the Town Hall and the Manager of Cudeca's Charity Shops, Daniel Beaudet.

The Cudeca Foundation charity shops  raise funds through the sale of second-hand clothes and furniture, enabling them to continue caring for people with cancer and other advanced illnesses.

The Mayor of Mijas commented that "This is the only shop that the Foundation has in the province of Malaga on loan from a Town Hall, and it is something that the Foundation has thanked us for, as it is another step forward in the public-private collaboration that the Mijas Town Hall maintains with the government team, especially with organisations that carry out great social work, as is the case here." He remarked how "our administration is one of those that contributes the most subsidies to this entity, something that we believe to be fundamental as Cudeca Foundation attends to around 80 patients each year in the municipality alone, Mijeños and Mijeñas, who unfortunately are suffering from Cancer and other illnesses and who receive care and assistance at a particularly difficult stage in their life due to this illness".

Chief Executive and Medical Director of Cudeca Hospice, Dr. Marisa Martin, pointed out that "It has been more than a year since the Mijas Town Hall gave us these magnificent premises and now we have finally been able to inaugurate them. The premises have easy access with several entrances which allows us to keep the shop nice while we also receive donations, so we are very happy and grateful to the Town Hall", and she pointed out that "What we want is to convert everything that the volunteers do with their efforts, such as the people who buy with their money or those who donate, into care, to relieve, accompany and comfort the many people who have to face an illness".

Shops that care to the end of life

The charity shops are one of Cudeca Foundation's main sources of funding and are supported by more than 800 volunteers, together with a team of 15 coordinators.

Due to the pandemic, they have taken extreme precautions with the donations received with a double security process: quarantine of all donations for 72 hours and subsequent disinfection with steam at 120º on each item offered for sale.

With regard to shopping, measures have been implemented in each shop to encourage distancing, methacrylate partitions, a strict plan for daily cleaning and disinfection of common areas and the elimination of displays to encourage the fluid circulation of customers, among the main actions.

The number of fitting rooms in operation has also been limited and credit card payments are encouraged. In addition, items that customers try on but choose not to buy will be quarantined for 72 hours and disinfected before being made available again.

By donating or buying you are helping to give end of life care.

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