Art auction and Halloween party for Cudeca

Event 31 Oct 2022

Art auction and Halloween party for Cudeca

Art auction and Halloween party for Cudeca
  • Halloween Day! 31 Oct to celebrate an Art Auction in Art&Bar Mijas from 5.30PM.
  • Halloween Party starting starting after 5.30PM will bring you back to the 70s and 80shHits by Big Steve`s DJ.
  • 10% of the total revenue will be donated to Cudeca Foundation straight away.
  • Join the party and start your bids now!



About Studio 33


They are an Artistic Training Centre where they offer a diverse programme of activities for all audiences with a different approach. They help artists to promote their work, their visitors to disconnect with art and clients/students to improve their skills and enjoy creative activities.


A multidisciplinary space for the most current proposals where to create a vibrant atmosphere of exchange and joint collaborations. Located in a privileged place of the city, Mijas Pueblo. The premises are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to programme any activity.


To contact them: and


Studio 33 motivation towards charity (Cudeca)

In the owner´s words, Mónica commented: “We try by all means to maintain the spirit, enthusiasm and passion in the arduous task of promoting Culture and Art and we will not throw in the towel as long as there is that sparkle in the eyes of the people who come to visit our Gallery.”


Special thanks go all participating Artists, art lovers, family and friends as well as the general public, for their attention, collaboration and support.




Halloween Art Auction & Party


Art & Bar Mijas (Urb. Doña Pilar, Local 8 in Crtra. Mijas Pueblo) celebrates their Halloween Art & Auction Party in aid of Cudeca Foundation this coming Monday, Halloween Day, at their premises from 5.30pm.


The party will start right after 5.30pm and will entertain all guests and bidders at the hands of Big Steve´s DJ dancing along at the 70´s and 80´s hits.


A dossier enclosed at present in this PR, here some of the artists at the auction:


Griselda Giachero

Alba Dalmau

Juani Lobato

Hana Deco

Peter Visser

Damian Daratelo

Conchi Segura

Salva Toledam

Rosana Igual

Begoña Salamanca Sanz

Carmen Ponfe

José María Santiago

Jaqueline Tong

Benedikt Kiraly

Giorgi Alaniz