The Board of Trustees is formed of highly recognised professionals, who, at no cost to Cudeca, ensure that the aims of the Foundation are complied with

Our Trustees

PATRONATO Joan Hunt 02

Joan Hunt O.B.E
Founder & Honorary President

PATRONATO Ricardo Urdiales 02

Ricardo Urdiales
President of CUDECA Hospice. Lawyer.

PATRONATO Susan Hannam 02

Susan Hannam
Vice-President of Cudeca Hospice.

PATRONATO Marisa Martín 02

Dra. Marisa Martín
Chief Executive and Medical Director
Cudeca Hospice Centre

PATRONATO Rafael Olalla 02

Rafael Olalla
Deputy Chief Executive.
Director of Finance, Communications & Fundraising
Cudeca Hospice Centre

PATRONATO Juan Antonio Astorga 02

Juan Antonio Astorga
President of the Ilustre Colegio de Enfermería de Málaga.

PATRONATO Fernando Gil 02

Fernando Gil
Secretary & Treasurer
Lawyer and Qualified Accountant

PATRONATO Ismael Herruzo 02

Dr. Ismael Herruzo
Expresident of SEOR (Sociedad Española de Oncología Radioterápica) Director of Oncology C Haya. Head of Oncology Radiotherapy Dept., Carlos Haya Hospital , Málaga

PATRONATO Fraser Photo 02

J. Fraser Ingram
Innovation & Change Director for CYBG plc MBA, FCIBS


Víctor Navas
Mayor of Benalmádena

Our advisory committee

The Advisory Committee will be formed by professionals of recognized prestige and knowledge  in each of the areas in which the Foundation is acting.  It will not have any legal power nor, responsibilities, and its function will be to give advice to the Board of Trustees about specific issues. The length of the mandate will be four years. The post is not remunerated.

PATRONATO Alfonso Pinedo 02

Alfonso Pinedo
Retired Doctor and Medical School Professor of Malaga University


Emilio Alba
Head of Oncology of Málaga University Chief of Medical Oncology Department of Hospital Regional Universitario y Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria, de Malaga

Our Honorary Trustee

PATRONATO Antonio Cudeca 02

Antonio Banderas

Actor, Film Director and charity supporter in Malaga. Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Malaga and the Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania. Advisor for the Cervantes Institute in New York and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. President of the “Lágrimas y Favores” Foundation, created in 2010 with the aim of supporting the University of Malaga and Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice.

Our ambassadors

PATRONATO Domi del Postigo

Domi del Postigo

Actor, journalist, TV & Radio presenter, actively collaborates with Cudeca Hospice since 2007, both from his journalistic role as a presenter at numerous fundraising charity events.

Examples of this are Cudeca´s Gala Dinners, Cudeca´s Charity Concerts at the Cervantes Theatre in Málaga, and the editions of the Charity Golf Tournament “Fernando Martín Pinto” in aid of Cudeca Hospice.

PATRONATO Remedios Cervantes 02

Remedios Cervantes

Actress, TV presenter and model. She collaborates actively as a volunteer and as a media professional with Cudeca Hospice since 2009, through numerous fundraising charity events, television and social networks.

Examples of this are Cudeca´s Gala Dinners, the Cudeca Charity Shops, Sunflower Campaign, Become a Benefactor Campaign and Corporate Cultural & Sporting Events.

Mayca Campos

Mayca Campos


CUDECA_Chucho Valdés_ (2)

Chucho Valdés

Born in Quivicán (Cuba), Chucho is considered one of the best pianists in the world, having won to date eight Grammy awards: five Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy. In 2012 he was proclaimed by the New York Times as “the Dean of Latin Jazz.” In addition, he is a professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, a Goodwill Ambassador of FAO for the UN, and has numerous doctorates and awards worldwide.

Chucho actively supports Cudeca Hospice since 2007, when he participated as a guest artist in the first charity concert performed by his father, the great Bebo Valdés. Since then, Chucho has helped Cudeca Hospice on countless occasions donating his music to aid our “special kind of caring”.


Ricardo Urdiales

Joan Hunt
Founder & Honorary President

Marisa Martín
Chief Executive and Medical Director

Rafael Olalla
Deputy Chief Executive. Director of Finance, Communications & Fundraising


Includes the Executive Committee plus:

Rafael Gómez
Assistential Manager

Belén Moncada
Training & Research Manager

Assumpta Eceiza
Financial & Facilities Manager

Angel Krebbers
Fundraising & Communication Manager

Daniel Beaudet
Retail Manager