It is important for donors, collaborators, volunteers, etc., to have complete trust and confidence in the transparency of the financial controls of Cudeca Foundation accountability. This transparency is essential in order to inform supporters of the high level of efficient management controls that exist through quality of practice and procedures.

An Operating Manual that guarantees good practice in administration procedures exists within the management of the Foundation. There are also internal rules that regulate the performance of the highest governing body: members of the Board of Trustees and the Management Executive Committee.

The Annual Accounts of Cudeca are presented yearly as required under Section 3 (Charity Care and Health Foundations) to the Register of Foundations of Andalusia, in accordance with Article 36 of Act 10/2005 dated 31st May, for Foundations in the Andalusian Autonomous Region.

KPMG Audit

Futhermore, these Annual Accounts are audited every year by the external audit firm of KPMG Auditores S.L.

In March each year, a press conference is organised to which the media are invited, as well as public and private institutions and companies that fund the project. The financial results of the previous year and the achievement of the objectives of the mission statement of the Foundation, together with the financial goals and sustainability of the project for the current year, are presented to the assembly. All internal staff is informed of the results within the framework of “Objective-based Management” ahead of the public press conference.

A summary of the annual balance sheet is published each year in the Boletín which is sent to all donors, collaborators, volunteers and the family of patients who are listed on the database.

Lealtad Foundation

For the period 2013-2015 we made a voluntary analysis of ourselves against the non-profit Lealtad Foundation´s “Nine Principles of Transparency and Good Practices for ONGs” with which we found ourselves fully compliant : see report (spanish).

The Complaints Channel

The Complaints Channel is exclusively aimed at receiving complaints about irregular conduct by or at the Cudeca Foundation.  Sending a complaint implies manifesting the illegal, irregular or inconvenient status of any action carried out by the Cudeca Foundation.

This channel is NOT aimed at collecting complaints regarding any irregular conduct by other entities, be they companies, non-profit organizations or any other type of organization, whatever their relationship with the Cudeca Foundation.  Where appropriate, such complaints should be directed to the corresponding entities.

Nor is it intended to collect suggestions, comments or queries about the activity of the Cudeca Foundation.  In this case you can use the contact form.

All complaints received will be analised and processed in accordance with the provisions of  Cudeca Foundation’s Complaints Channel Policy.