Together we make a difference to continue caring for more people

Many charitable companies help us by collaborating in our charity events or shops, organizing a event, etc.

Sponsor a CUDECA event

  • Walkathon May
  • CUDECA Dinner Gala July
  • Light a Light December
  • CUDECA  Bulletin
  • CUDECA Calendar

Organise a charity event

Your company can help us by organizing a charity event. Charity company food, march or football match between employees,… any idea will help us!

  • Increase the visibility of a company
  • Improve your reputation
  • Attracting talent
  • Increase pride of belonging
  • Employee engagement

A company can make a difference by helping people with cancer and other advanced dillnesses.

By becoming a charity company, you will be helping us to take care of our Assistance Programs that we offer for free.

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