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What do we do
To be able to afford the cost of the special kind of care given to Cudeca patients free of charge, the Hospice relies on the Communication and Fundraising department, in which work is carried out daily so that the local communities can help us out financially within their means enabling Cudeca to remain a reality.
The Communication and Fundraising department is in contact with the public, companies and the media, to make sure they are aware of, understand and collaborate with our charity projects.
We organise fundraising events and campaigns, we attend events organised and initiated by the Málaga and international communities… and many more strategically developed fundraising activities, all with the aim of raising funds enabling Cudeca to continue “adding life to days of the patients”.
Who are we
The communication and Fundraising team consists of a group of technicians, administrative staff and volunteers, managed by their head of department.  They work very closely together with the objective of searching and liaising with generous charitable collaborators, thus allowing Cudeca to support itself financially both now and in the future.
Communications & Fundraising Team
Angel Krebbers
Comunication & Fundraising Director
Jorge López
PR & Events
Esther Ráez 
PR & Events
Natalia Aparicio
Administrative Benefactors &Tins Responsable 
Benefactors: socios@cudeca.org
Carlos White
PR & Events

Avenida del Cosmos, s/n
29631 - Arroyo de la Miel
Málaga, Spain
Telephone:(0034)952 56 49 10

Registered Charity No. MA/728