Words for a Sister, by Cristina Loring

News 17 Jan 2022

Words for a Sister, by Cristina Loring

Words for a Sister, by Cristina Loring


 Every year in December, close to Christmas, Cudeca commemorates the people who have left us during the year by lighting a light in memory of their lives. There are many who leave a deep mark and with these words in memory of one of them, I would like to remember each and every one of them.

"I don't know how I can define my state

I'll start by saying Peace... it's the main thing that has invaded me.

At the same time I cry for her, you don't know how much!

You know, Cristina? Now I have discovered the reason for her wanting to be with us for so long, even in her condition, that she was exhausted from so much suffering.

That's how she put up with it for us, she prepared us so that her "see you later" would not be so hard for us...

In this way she got us used to living with her body without being so present with her soul.

In this way she asked for help to offer her whole life so that we would understand that it was not taken from her, she was giving it away.

That was the reason of her struggle, that was the reason of her pain... that was her decision...

And, you know?

As always, she got it right...


That Angel is now in her home preparing ours, taking care that the path that still remains for us is smooth, calm... so that we can think about it with all the love that she always gave.

And how can we not continue to love her, you know, closer and more tenderly than ever?

That's how I feel her... thank you, sister, for continuing to teach me, in your way, with your wisdom and with such an immense and exemplary heart!


Written by Cristina Loring, psychologist at Cudeca Foundation.