Sandro Morelli raises 15k for Cudeca at his Christmas Gala Dinner in Villa Tiberio and displays fireworks to celebrate!

News 16 Dec 2022

Sandro Morelli raises 15k for Cudeca at his Christmas Gala Dinner in Villa Tiberio and displays fireworks to celebrate!

Sandro Morelli raises 15k for Cudeca at his Christmas Gala Dinner in Villa Tiberio and displays fireworks to celebrate!
  • Sandro Morelli, owner of Villa Tiberio Restaurant in Marbella raises €15,000 for the charity at his Christmas Gala Dinner for Cudeca.
  • Fireworks, courtesy of Sandro Morelli to all guests and the hospice were displayed to celebrate the announcement of the incredible fundraising.



A charity night to remember


There are many charity dinners lunches teas, but Cudeca find special talented artists to make paintings specifically to auction, with so many other incredible articles to help raise money for the hospice.


But how many charity dinners have a well-known Artist like Fernando Quirós, who's known as the Tuna Artist Painter come to paint in front of hundreds of wonderful people who want to help Cudeca. He painted live for the guests to see his art and bid at the auction. And another very well-recognized British artist residing in Coin, Jilly Law painted a beautiful piece of art especially for Cudeca including with minerals and resine to help detoxify and clean out body energy and soul by touching the picture; it leveled up the auction and helped increase the final figures highly. Thank you Fernando Quirós and Jilly Law for your generosity (their contact details below).


In weather that was treterous, the people braved the elements they always show their commitment to Cudeca as there isn't a family in the world who hasn't been affected by Cancer. We are blessed with such wonderful artifacts for auction.


It's been quite a few years since ladies can don their finery and they certainly did!


Giles Brown as usual got the room excited and, although outside the weather was foul inside Villa Tiberio, it was warm and meaningful.


Sadly Dr Marisa Martín, CEO of CUDECA for the first time was not able to join us due to ill health and we all wish her well. Esther Ráez, with the Communication and Fundraising department of the hospice stepped in and besides organising this wonderful evening stood in for Dr Marisa Martín, doing a stirling job. In her own words: “Being able to receiving Sandro morelli´s help over more than 15 years means very much for Cudeca. He had been able to raise more than €197,000 since he started organizing charity parties for Cudeca and this is helping the hospice to continue caring for so many at the end of life”.


14 years of hosting this gala dinner Sandro Morelli, owner of the magnificent Villa Tiberio once again excelled himself with a wonderful 2 course menu consisting of a starter of grilled fungi with langoustine and leg of baby lamb cooked in Barolo wine as main, served with Reserva Spanish wine and Villa Tiberio special tiramisu for desert. Absolutely stunning! Sandro Morelli commented with deep emotion: “I am happy to have so many old and new friends coming to my charity galas for Cudeca, your trust means so much to me since Cudeca is so close to my heart. And now they are caring for children at the end of life and there is nothing more important than children. Their dignity in life needs to be well cared, but also their dignity in the case of dying and this is something that Cudeca know how to do very, very well”.


Artists at the level of Mr Frank Valentine, John Luce, Mr Maph, Mr Mario Ross and Mr Barry McCunnell gave their time and energy to entertain the guests and got the restaurant hopping and made it feel very festive.

On a high and different note for the night, there were quite a few people who presented themselves to become Cudeca volunteers, and the Cudeca team were so quick to inform them on how-to. The help of volunteers makes such a huge part of the success of the foundation!


The evening ended with the usual fireworks display which all the guests loved and who were kindly sponsored by Sandro Morelli to the amusement of all.


The night was special and successful and reached to the final figure of 15k, including donations made by exclusive guests such as Sir Michael Smurfit, KBE.


Special thanks go to the generosity of all artists, Caroline Randerson, organizing on behalf of Sandro Morelli and the Villa Tiberio team with Tony Montana as Director of the restaurant; never forgetting the Cudeca volunteers who give themselves away to the cause of palliative care and put all their effort and energy into their volunteering. Big thanks to Sandy Kaye, international TV presenter and producer, for volunteering her journalism skills and working as PR for the night in aid of the Cudeca Communication department and PixRase Photography ( documenting the night for the charity. Thank you all.


Fernando Quirós


Jilly Law Art



Sandro Morelli and his charity work for Cudeca


Sandro Morelli is an Italian business-man who, after 18 years working in London, decided to create a restaurant with large gardens on Marbella's Golden Mile. He met Joan Hunt, Cudeca´s beloved and recently deceased founder of the hospice more than 12 years ago and fell in love with her the moment he saw her. The charity work of the foundation caught Sandro´s heart and he had been loyal to the charity ever since.


Sandro Morelli and his restaurant Villa Tiberio have been collaborating with the Cudeca Foundation since 2011, a collaboration that has resulted in 10 charity gala dinners and many years of collaboration with a total donation of € 197.365,28 up-to-date.