Restaurants in solidarity

Event 26 Aug 2020

Restaurants in solidarity

Restaurants in solidarity

Since the COVID19 situation and the problems it has brought, Cudeca Hospice, like many other NGOs, has reduced its charity events, which are necessary to raise funds and be able to cover their expenses. The revenue from these events is essential to offer the professional and free palliative care that Cudeca Hospice has offered over the past 28 years in the  province of Malaga.

Fortunately, some businesses have offered to help us in different ways.  When the restaurants were closed, they offered their help with charity dishes that they sold through their home delivery service, as was the case with Kurobi Sushi, a pioneer in Malaga in helping NGOs in this way.  Later, with the opening of the restaurants to the public, the help came in a more direct way;  Venetiis restaurant donates 1 euro of each lasagna dish to our Hospice.

 This supposes a continued and prolonged help that can be a relief in the situation that we currently live in.

 The last restaurant to join this initiative was the Casa Rubí restaurant, which has just started offering various dishes for the benefit of Cudeca Hospice.

 The Restaurant's support with this  campaign is a way of continuously helping Cudeca Hospice.  The restaurants that decide to join only have to donate part of the sale price of a dish or dishes on the menu. The restaurants that want to join this campaign can contact  us via email and they will receive all the information they want.

 Cudeca Hospice thanks Casa Rubí, Venetiis and Kuriubi Sushi for the help it is giving them and encourages other restaurants to join this initiative.