Our measures in relation to COVID 19

News 13 Mar 2020

Our measures in relation to COVID 19

Our measures in relation to COVID 19

From the Cudeca Hospice we want to send out a message that will help the families and patients we care for to have peace of mind. We know that these are difficult times especially when there is so much news in all media of such an alarming nature.

We believe that we must send out a clear and genuine message of the current situation and extend the protection measures we have already been taking for days.

To date, we do not know of any confirmed case of infection and/or coronavirus disease in any worker, family member or patient, so our current objective is to increase preventive measures to continue with the isolation achieved.

We are attentive to general prevention measures and especially to everything related to this epidemic.


The measures that the Cudeca Foundation has taken are:

·         Access to the Cudeca Centre is restricted to all persons who do not belong to the foundation

·         All volunteer activities are suspended, and charity shops will be closed as from today

·         Teleworking measures have been adopted where possible

·         Essential supplies are being collected to support healthcare activity, and cleaning has been reinforced in particularly sensitive areas, following the recommendations of the Health Authorities. Instructions have been given to hygiene and prevention professionals

·         All training events, practices and meetings scheduled for March 2020 have been suspended

·         The Day Unit has been temporarily closed

·         Outpatient consultations at our centre are limited to those that are essential

·         Special attention is being paid to the In-Patient Unit, which we wish to protect by not allowing access to outside personnel

·         Visits to admitted patients are restricted as much as possible to only 2 family members at a time, and it is recommended that no visits be made if any of the visitors present symptoms of flu or catarrh. All these measures are aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and, especially, at protecting the most vulnerable people, the patients we care for, their families, and also, in a very special way, the health professionals, professional assistants and reception staff of the Cudeca Hospice, who make up the team that cares for so many sick people every day, by trying to reduce the risk of them being affected by this epidemic

These measures are temporary, and will be adapted or graduated according to how the situation develops, always following the instructions given to us by the Health Authorities.

We know that you all support Cudeca and that once this crisis is over, we will need your help and commitment to continue “adding life to the days" of the people who need us the most.

The Direction