Malaga Town Hall joins our Walkahome

News 18 May 2021

Malaga Town Hall joins our Walkahome

Malaga Town Hall joins our Walkahome

On 18 May, we presented the "Walkahome", a walk at home for Cudeca at the Malaga Town Hall with the aim of promoting the virtual event to raise funds through registrations to continue caring for and accompanying people with cancer and other advanced illnesses.

Present at the event on behalf of Malaga Town Hall were Mr. Francisco Pomares, Councillor for Social Rights; and on behalf of the Cudeca Hospice, Mr. Rafael Olalla, Deputy Chief Executive and Financial Director.

Mr. Francisco Pomares commented that "Unfortunately cancer continues to take lives but fortunately we have the Cudeca Hospice to care for and accompany people with cancer and other advanced illnesses as well as their families. And now more than ever they need the support of the people of Malaga". And he added: "I invite the public to participate in Cudeca's virtual walk so that they can continue with their important end-of-life care".

Mr. Rafael Olalla thanked Malaga Town Hall for their important support and explained that "due to the pandemic we are going through very difficult times to continue caring and we have had to reinvent ourselves to try to raise more funds. Our walk, now virtual for the second year, helps us to raise funds through registrations and we need the people of Malaga to join in to help us to continue caring for and accompanying many people who need us at the end of life".

 "WalkaHOME, Walk at home for Cudeca Hospice"

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, we are going through a very difficult time and the impossibility of raising funds to continue caring for more than 1,600 people with cancer and other advanced illnesses in a year. To try to alleviate this situation, we are going to hold, as part of our “Sunflower Effect” campaign,our “Walkahome, a walk at home for Cudeca”.
It will take place on Saturday, May 23th from 9 a.m. to 2p.m.

 How can you participate?

First: Sign up and prepare your activity.

Participants can register through the portal or the Cudeca Hospice's website. Participants can register for €4 (bib) or €8 (bib+T-shirt). An extra donation can also be made at the same time of registration to help Cudeca to continue caring at the end of life.

After you have filled in your details, you will be preinscribed. You can then either continue to the payment page or follow the link you will get by email. Your bib will be emailed to you.

Each registration will be assigned a  number that can be downloaded through the platform and used on the day of the walk.

Participants should plan the physical activity that best suits their physical condition and the space available at home to perform it on Sunday, May 23rd.  You can do it together with the family, as a team, with your pet, or alone, and it will have neither times nor distances.

Examples of activities: walking or running through any area of ​​the home (hallway, living room or terrace), peddaling with an exercise bike, swimming in the pool (non-communal), squats, skipping rope, climbing or descending stairs (non-communal), dancing  salsa, rock or any style, etc.

Second: WalkaHOME Day - Sunday, 23rd May.

Participants will be able to carry out their activity at their homes from 9a.m. to
2 p.m  and share photos of his activity wearing his/her bib on social networks with the hashtag #CudecaWalkahome #Cudeca. The Foundation will publish in its RRSS all the photos and videos that are tagged with the mentioned hashtags.

 Third: Complementary activities

To accompany the Walkahome, the Cudeca Hospice Foundation will broadcast, through its YouTube cannel and Facebook, different activities so that anyone can join from home.  There will be Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Zumba classes for the whole family;  and many more surprises.

WalkaHOME has been possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Diputación Provincial de Málaga, Freepik company, Fundación CLC World, Vithas, Viveros Guzmán, Grupo OV y Ortoplus.

Current situation of the Cudeca Hospice

Currently, the Cudeca Hospice Foundation cares for, through its healthcare teams made up of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and physical therapists, more than 500 people with cancer and other advanced illnesses both at home and in the In-Patient Unit located in Benalmádena. It also offers support to their families. All care is totally free.

Due to the national state of alarm, the Cudeca Hospice is having serious difficulties in carrying out its special care of patients. This is why the Cudeca Hospice Foundation appeals to the community to help them  raise funds, so that they can continue caring for people who, today more than ever, need our care at the end of their life.

The Cudeca Hospice Foundation has assisted more than 17,000 people since 1992, completely free of charge  and offered support to their families. In 2020 they attended more than 1,600 people;  and they offered support to more than 2,200 family members.