Lágrimas y Favores Foundation annual donation

News 22 Apr 2019

Lágrimas y Favores Foundation annual donation

Lágrimas y Favores Foundation annual donation

The Lágrimas y Favores Foundation, presided over by Antonio Banderas, held its traditional annual Charity Dinner on Holy Friday (viernes de Dolores) and presented us with its annual donation.


Our Chief Executive and Medical Director, Dr. Marisa Martin received from Antonio Banderas a € 35,000 cheque, which will be allocated entirely to our home care programs that each year help more than 1,400 people.


Thanks to the solidarity of the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation, we have achieved a total of more than €265,000, which has been entirely allocated to our professional and free care at the end of life.


Likewise, the University of Malaga, Cudeca Hospice, Fundación Corinto, Cáritas Parroquial, Seminario Diocesano and Fundación Diocesana de Enseñanza de Santa Maria de la Victoria received important donations from the solidarity projects developed by the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation throughout 2018.


Many well-known faces showed solidarity, including our honorary ambassador, Remedios Cervantes as well as James Rhodes, Daniel Casares, Nieves Álvarez, Elsa Anka, Sara Baras and Adrián Martin. Each year, this Charity Dinner features chefs of the hight of Pablo González, Alberto Ferruz, José Alvarez and Kiko Moya.


The Lágrimas y Favores Foundation was created in 2010 with the aim of devoting all its efforts to cooperating with the University of Málaga and the Cudeca Hospice by obtaining economic funds to help the academic insertion of UMA students into curricula in the United States and Canada and to help palliative care for patients with cancer and other advanced illnesses.


The Cudeca Hospice would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for the important support of the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation, which is so welcome and necessary for our hospice work.