The II Zambomba Flamenca in Marbella brings together the people of Marbella for CUDECA

News 21 Dec 2022

The II Zambomba Flamenca in Marbella brings together the people of Marbella for CUDECA

The II Zambomba Flamenca in Marbella brings together the people of Marbella for CUDECA

The II Zambomba Flamenca in Marbella brings together the people of Marbella
in the Arroyo de la Represa square
and raises more than 1.000€ for the Cudeca Foundation

Benalmádena, 21st of December 2022 -

- The Mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz who eagerly attended the Zambomba Flamenca, warmly appreciated the display of art and affection visible in the square and gave a warm hug to Coco Calero, teacher and main creator of this event as well as congratulating the Cudeca Foundation for its work.
- Extraordinary turnout from the people of Marbella at the Zambomba Flamenca de Marbella organised by Coco Calero, teacher and leader of the Arte y Cultura de Marbella Dance and Guitar School to celebrate the most flamenco and artistic Christmas.
- More than €1,000 raised through voluntary contributions from attendees through the sale of handmade products and Cudeca's solidarity tins.

On the resounding success and artistry of the II Zambomba Flamenca de Marbella

A beautiful Christmas proclamation kicked off the flamenco party in the words of one of the members of the flamenco troupe and dancers honouring the brilliant artistic display of this second edition of the Zambomba Flamenca, this year in full benefit of the Cudeca Foundation.

For months, students and families of the Arte y Cultura de Marbella dance and guitar school have joined forces and efforts to send a message of peace, illusion and generosity together with the art of flamenco at its best.

The students and their families were particularly moved by the drive and transforming energy of Coco Calero, dance teacher and leader as well as promoter and producer of this second Zambomba Flamenca event. Her creative spirit and contagious joy makes magic blossom within the hearts of her students, turning pieces of cardboard, piles of straw, scraps of different types of fabrics, reeds and recycled furniture into impressive Hebrew villages representing the most ancient images of Christmas in our collective and most ancestral memory, that is to say, a Portal of Bethlehem. "For you they are columns that make up the decoration; for us, each column, each bale of straw, brings laughter, singing, anger, shared anecdotes, to make the hours and days of work with Coco at the head more bearable", recited this student with affection in her proclamation.

The people of Marbella were invited to experience a different kind of Christmas by attending this Zambomba Flamenca to welcome the Three Wise Men and witness their entrance into the Bethlehem portal on three beautiful horses, to the amazement of the little ones. The Royal Postman collected the letters written by the children at the children's stall, where they painted Christmas drawings, wrote their letters and attended beautiful storytelling. Stalls of handicrafts and handmade or local products were at each stall representing the solidarity of the people, who offered a voluntary donation to taste the delicacies on offer. "A hug in time saves lives, let's be generous, let's contribute with the gifts offered by the various stands, for the benefit of CUDECA, you can find some piggy banks, where you can leave your contribution to help this Association in palliative care for children with cancer. CUDECA is also committed to the care of other advanced and terminal illnesses, with its aim of adding more life to the days through its special way of caring", continued the proclamation.

"You have made many people smile and given hope to many people without asking for anything in return and you have made me fly into a world of love, friendship, dedication and generosity towards our group and towards Cudeca. I feel privileged and I want you all to know how proud I am of all of you for following me in this madness and for wanting to help Cudeca Foundation to continue its care", said Coco Calero in a thank you letter she wrote to her students.

A special mention is due to:

-Ilustrissimo Ayuntamiento de Marbella
-Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Marbella-Cocina
-Paco Lara, guitar teacher, who works hard with his students, creating falsetas, singing tangos, jaleos, sevillanas, fandangos, bulerias, dedicating many hours to rehearsal. The carols singing with the voices of:
Rodrigo, Carlos, María, May, Concha and Maribel
-Coco Calero, teacher and creator of the Zambomba Flamenca.
-All the students and family members involved in the crafts, shows, media broadcasting, sewing and dressmaking, organisation and cooking.