La Cala Golf Members joining up our Sunflower Effect campaign!

News 18 Dec 2020

La Cala Golf Members joining up our Sunflower Effect campaign!

La Cala Golf Members joining up our Sunflower Effect campaign!

La Cala Golf Members get together with our Vice President Susan Hannam, to present €2,000 raised during the pandemic joining up our Sunflower Effect Campaing to Add Life to Days.


Although we have continued to look after all our patients, the pandemic crisis has dealt a severe blow to our finances, in particular through the effect on our main source of income, the charity shops, which had to close for two months and which are now trying to recoup sales; and on fundraising events, which have come to a standstill. As the pandemic continues to rage, we face greater uncertainty and are experiencing very worrying losses. In 2021, losses could amount to between 700,000 and a million euros.


The campaign, whose slogan is “Join the Sunflower Effect”, aims, with the help of the local community, to raise 185,000 euros to maintain for one year a multidisciplinary Home Care team made up of a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist and a social worker, all specialised in palliative care. Such a team looks after an average of 250 patients in their own homes, making an average of three to four home visits every day, giving medical assistance and all the psychological and social support which the patients, and their families, need.


Kate and Peter Bradley, Vice Captains’ at La La Cala emphasised that “at a time where Cudeca is going through so many losses, we wanted to keep on helping with anything we could, and this is why we are presenting this money, which is not as much as we ususally raise for the charity, but it will help until next year´s celebration of our Cudeca Golf Cup. We are happy that we can help the Sunflower Effect Campaign”.


Caz Rosselli, treasurer of the Members Club added that “putting together this funds will help to continue caring for many patients who need Cudeca and I am glad to be part of it”.


Susan Hannam, Vice president of the Cudeca Hospice expressed her joy “in receiving this donation which will help to keep one multidisciplinary home care team and many patients in need. Thank you deeply from all of us in Cudeca”.


The campaign invites the community to help Cudeca through:



Individuals and other entities can donate through the platform

They can also raise funds for the campaign through activities, events, personal challenges, contributions from friends and relatives, etc.


Fundación “la Caixa” and CaixaBank

Cudeca enjoys the support of CaixaBank through the decentralised budget of the Fundación “la Caixa”, which has already given 30,000 euros towards the campaign target, and is providing systems to channel donations: through bank branches, ATMs, the mobile banking application CaixaBankNow or online banking through