Interview Jesús Fortes

News 26 May 2010

Interview Jesús Fortes

Benalmádena, May 2010
Did you already know about the Cudeca Hospice? How did you hear about us?
JF: Yes, I’ve known about Cudeca since the late 90s, and I am also very familiar with the Charity Shops, especially the one in Arroyo de la Miel, of which I am a regular customer.

What motivated you to visit us?
JF: Even though I already knew of Cudeca, I wanted to experience the project firsthand.

What do you think of the work Cudeca carries out?
J.F.: I admirer them. Every NGO is an inspiration, but Cudeca exceeds them all and deserves the merit. I wish Cudeca could open more Hospices, to be able to care for more people.

What impressed you most Cudeca facilities?
J.F.: Without a doubt, the In-Patient Unit.

You had the opportunity to meet the patients ... How did you feel?
J.F.: Very good. Despite the complicated situation, their faces convey peace and tranquillity. Above all I noticed their sense of wellbeing.

Would you recommend Cudeca to someone you know with advanced cancer? What would you say?
J.F.: I would recommend it to everyone. It is difficult to deal with a non-curable illness and Cudeca offers a better quality of life enabling the patient to face this stage in the best possible way.

Would you like to say a few words Cudeca volunteers?
JF: I would simply say that I admire them.
When I retire from politics, I hope to have the strength and time to also become a Cudeca volunteer.

Given our difficult economic situation, we are always seeking and creating campaigns and fundraising events ... Can you give us advice?
JF: I always have Cudeca in mind, and I suggest others follow suit. We need the support of institutions in the municipality of Benalmádena, the Junta de Andalucia, and all other possible entities to assist in helping us to maintain the In-Patient Unit open.

What would you say to Malaga to be motivated to help us?
JF: That they should pitch in, and become a Benefactor or volunteer, as Cudeca provides a fabulous and professional service. Cancer is a disease that affects many people and their families, and we can help them cope with the suffering and improve their quality of life.