In-Patient Unit

News 11 Dec 2019

In-Patient Unit

In-Patient Unit

This is a good time to present one of our Cudeca assistance programs, the In-Patient Unit.

It was opened in 2005 and with it one of Cudeca's most important projects for the comprehensive care of palliative patients and their families was completed.

In this In-Patient Unit, we have treated to date more than 2,750 people and their families with our special way of caring. The multidisciplinary team formed by doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker, trade assistants, maintenance, administration and volunteers is special: full of compassion, closeness, respect, humility and other attitudes that facilitate and cover all the needs that may appear in the care of our patients and their loved ones.

The environment is very pleasant and quiet, we have a playroom for children, a room for families, places for indoor and outdoor meetings, such as the pergolas of the magnificent garden next to the pond, and in addition the Non-Denominational Chapel that can be used by anyone who needs a place for reflection or worship.

Our 9 rooms and 14 beds, whenever possible, are offered individually, so that each patient and family can have peace and privacy. For your comfort we have free television and Wifi.

It is important to remember that in order to be admitted to our Unit it is necessary to have a referral from one of our doctors, who will offer it, if it is considered beneficial for the control of symptoms and as the best therapeutic option for the patient.

All services offered to hospitalized patients are completely free of charge and the expenses are covered by the generosity of the community that collaborates with Cudeca, through donations, participation in events, by becoming regular donor or collaborating with our charity shops among other options.