CANCELLED! II Solidarity Golf Tournament in aid of DEBRA, Cudeca & Ronald McDonald Foundation

Event 11 Dec 2021

CANCELLED! II Solidarity Golf Tournament in aid of DEBRA, Cudeca & Ronald McDonald Foundation

CANCELLED! II Solidarity Golf Tournament in aid of DEBRA, Cudeca & Ronald McDonald Foundation



Three NGO's from Malaga come together again at Christmas to promote Solidarity Golf.


- DEBRA Piel de Mariposa, Cudeca Foundation and Ronald McDonald Foundation are organising a Charity Golf Tournament on 11th December at La Cala Golf Resort (Mijas).


- The aim is to raise funds to improve the daily lives of the families they care.


- With this union, they are trying to combat the economic losses derived from the Coronavirus crisis, in order to be able to guarantee the social and health support they offer.



29 November 2021. After the success of the previous Solidarity Golf Tournament, held last June at the Marbella Club Golf Resort, three Malaga NGOs (DEBRA Piel de Mariposa, Cudeca Foundation and Ronald McDonald Foundation), are coming together again at Christmas to promote Solidarity Golf.


This Tournament will take place on Saturday, 11th December, at La Cala Golf Resort (Mijas), and registrations can already be made via e-mail or the web link, and the telephone number 674 11 19 52, for a price of 65 euros.


The aim is to jointly address the economic losses suffered due to the Covid-19 crisis by raising funds for the families they serve. In the case of DEBRA, the amount raised will be used to offer the health, psychological and social support that the families with Piel de Mar de Mar are families with Butterfly Skin: a rare and incurable disease that causes extreme skin fragility.


Cudeca, on their part, will invest these funds for the social and health care they offer to patients with cancer and other advanced illnesses, while the Ronald McDonald Foundation will dedicate them to the Ronald McDonald House in Malaga: a facility that provides free accommodation for children receiving medical treatment far from their place of residence, and their families, creating a home away from home.


Unity towards Covid


Through this tournament, they try to make visible the situation of vulnerability of these groups, whose illnesses continue to be present at Christmas time. In the case of Butterfly Skin, for example, "families live with open wounds this and every Christmas of their lives," says Evanina Morcillo Makow, director of the NGO DEBRA Butterfly Skin, the only support organisation at national level.


A situation of vulnerability that has been aggravated by the health crisis: "As much as Covid has made other pathologies invisible, they are still there, with the same needs. That is why, in the face of a totally collapsed National Health System, we have stood by our families, and we will continue to do so", emphasises Evanina Morcillo Makow.


However, the economic and social consequences of this crisis have hit these organisations hard and, having seen their income drastically reduced by the suspension of fundraising events and the closure of the Charity Shops, they will not be able to guarantee in the long term the same care they have been offering until now.


For this reason, they consider the alliance around the tournaments to be key to ensure this service, and they take the opportunity to launch a message of union and solidarity between NGOs: "We are dedicated to tasks that are very serious and necessary. We are in the same boat. All three of us work in the health sector, with vulnerable groups, and all three of us have gone through the same situation. That is why we want to convey to the families that we will remain united in order to continue caring for them, that they will not be alone or unprotected", argues Esther Ráez, Cudeca's Communication and Fundraising.


On his part, Vicente Moros, Manager of the Ronald McDonald House in Malaga believes "firmly in teamwork, and that the union to help patients will make them multiply". That is why, together, they appeal to "personal, business and social commitment as an engine of solidarity, to reverse this situation".


About DEBRA Butterfly Skin


DEBRA Butterfly Skin is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by the parents of a child with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) or Butterfly Skin. It is the only national organisation that supports families suffering from this disease, and aims to improve the quality of life of those affected. The team of professionals that make up the NGO is responsible for informing, advising, guiding and accompanying both families with Epidermolysis bullosa and professionals; at the same time it promotes the co-financing of research projects in this area, and promotes awareness campaigns to make visible and raise awareness of the difficulties and barriers that people with Butterfly Skin have to overcome on a daily basis.


About Butterfly Skin


Scientifically known as Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), Butterfly Skin is a rare, genetic and incurable disease that affects 500 people in Spain and is characterised by the extreme fragility of the skin of all those who suffer from it. Lacking the proteins that make the skin resistant to shocks and friction, they must bandage their bodies almost daily to protect themselves from wounds and blisters caused by the slightest friction. As a result, everyday actions such as walking or eating can be extremely painful.



About the Ronald McDonald House Malaga


The centre, promoted by the Ronald McDonald Foundation, was created to provide accommodation, completely free of charge, to children receiving medical treatment away from home, welcoming both them and their families. Admission is based on medical recommendations, depending on the distance from their place of origin, the type of illness and the duration of the treatment. The plot where the Ronald McDonald House of Malaga is located was ceded by the Provincial Council of Malaga through an agreement signed on 12 April 2010. It is 1,678 square metres in size and is located next to the Maternity and Children's Hospital. It has capacity for 14 families (65 people) in rooms with 3 or 4 beds with cots, TV and full bathroom, as well as common services on the ground floor.

CUDECA is a non-profit organization that offers professional medical care to patients suffering from cancer or other advanced illnesses, as well as support to their families. CUDECA uses the palliative care approach, a field in which it has long experience and expertise leading to its special kind of caring. CUDECA treats not only the physical suffering but also the psychological, social and spiritual aspect of the illness. In 2019, CUDECA cared for 1,490 people and offered support to more than 2,200 family members. Since 1992, more than 17,000 patients have been looked after by the CUDECA multidisciplinary Programmes: Home Care, Day Care Centre & Rehabilitation, In-Patient Unit, Psychosocial Programme, Counselling and Outpatient Consultation. All CUDECA care is free of charge. The charity works to help patients keep their dignity until the end. CUDECA´s activity began in 1992 thanks to the work and dedication of English-born Joan Hunt, who was living on the Costa del Sol. After the death of her husband from cancer, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others facing the same situation. To this end she founded CUDECA. The palliative care team at CUDECA know that although they cannot add more days to life, they can and do add quality of life to days. To continue caring, CUDECA relies on the help of donors and supporters, and the work of volunteers.