Hospice and palliative care: Discovering your voice

News 13 Oct 2009

Hospice and palliative care: Discovering your voice

Unifying story for 2009 event

A story from Malaysia submitted anonymously has been chosen as the unifying story for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day events around the world. This story was chosen because it clearly shows how hospice and palliative care makes a real difference to the lives of individuals affected by life-limiting illness around the world.

Organisers of the event can read this story at any point during their programme of activities. Many event organisers around the world will also light a candle to remember both those who have accessed the care that they need, and the many that are unable to do so.

"Championing humanity and human dignity" - A story about hospice and palliative care from Malaysia

Despite all the advances in medicine and healthcare, many are still robbed of their independence and sometimes their dignity by terminal illness. Their loved ones can experience complete loss when they have exhausted all avenues and resources. My dad is one of these people. We fought a good fight together with him till the end. Despite his strong fighting spirit, family support and the best available medical treatment, he succumbed to the big "C" on the 1st day of Feb 2007. The &qout;journey&qout; towards this end was a physical and mental battle but thank goodness there was hospice! They were like a speck of light in a complete darkness when you start to feel that you are losing the battle! Their touch is a little miracle that deserves commendation! It is not just the medicine that they use but the words that they choose and sometimes the silence that they opted for, were all so comforting, so right! They were truly the "angels" at work.

I salute them and have every reason to support hospice care! They championed humanity and human dignity!"