Unicaja Foundation strengthens its support for Cudeca Hospice home care programme

News 24 Oct 2022

Unicaja Foundation strengthens its support for Cudeca Hospice home care programme

Unicaja Foundation strengthens its support for Cudeca Hospice home care programme

Both institutions have renewed their collaboration agreement for the operation of the unit which cares for terminally ill patients and their families in the province of Malaga, and which includes new workshops for caregivers.

This specialised assistance programme will attend to more than 1,700 patients and more than 2,550 relatives in their homes this year.

The Unicaja Foundation reaffirms its commitment to the Cudeca Hospice  by renewing its support for the home care programme that the institution offers to improve the quality of life of people with advanced illnesses, together with support for the families.

The President of the Unicaja Banking Foundation, José M. Domínguez, and the Chief Executive & Medical Director of  Cudeca Hospice, Dra. Marisa Martín, signed the new collaboration agreement between the two institutions. Also present at the event were the General Manager of the Unicaja Foundation, Sergio Corral, and the Deputy Chief Executive and Financial Director of the Cudeca Hospice, Rafael Olalla.

The Unicaja Foundation has been collaborating with Cudeca Hospice for several years in maintaining one of the teams that make up this programme, which consists of seven multidisciplinary teams specialising in palliative care, each comprising a doctor, a nurse, supported by a psychologist and a social worker. In addition, as a new feature this year, the agreement will include workshops on self-care for family members and carers.


Comprehensive care for the needs of patients and their families

From a holistic approach, Cudeca's home care programme seeks to alleviate, care for and accompany the patient at the end of life, guaranteeing the best possible quality of life and maximum respect for the dignity of the person in this process. The programme also offers emotional, social and spiritual support to patients and their families, extending this assistance during the bereavement stage.

So far this year, Cudeca's home care Programme have cared for 1,335 patients and 2,000 relatives in the province of Malaga, and is expected to exceed 1,700 patients and 2,500 relatives by the end of the year. Each of its teams makes an average of 600 home visits per year and more than 3,000 telephone follow-up calls.

In addition, the programme focuses on the health and well-being of caregivers. For this reason, the agreement with the Unicaja Foundation will also enable four workshops to be held for relatives and carers of patients, so that they can develop self-care strategies. These sessions will help them to identify possible risks and health problems inherent to their role as caregivers, identify external resources to obtain help in their own care, and alleviate the anxiety generated by their personal situation, through relaxation and distraction-focusing techniques.

A long-standing alliance

Since 2006, the Unicaja Foundation has worked hand in hand with the Cudeca Hospice in all kinds of social, cultural and educational activities aimed at raising awareness of the Foundation and raising funds for its purposes.

Since its creation in 1992, Cudeca Hospice has helped more than 19,000 people through its various programmes: home care, day care centre and rehabilitation and physiotherapy programme, In-Patient unit, psychosocial care and counselling. In addition, it actively develops study, training, research and awareness programmes on palliative care, both for professionals and for volunteers, relatives and society in general.

Cudeca's professionals work in close collaboration with primary care teams, emergency departments and referral hospitals of the public administration, as these teams are part of the public network of Palliative Care, through the contract that Cudeca Hospice has signed with the SAS since 2006.