Light a Light in memory of a loved one

Event 11 Dec 2020

Light a Light in memory of a loved one

Light a Light in memory of a loved one


December 11th is an important date for us. We celebrate "Light a Light" in memory of our loved ones, a very special moment to remember the ones who are gone and remain in our hearts forever.

Unfortunately, this year and due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will not be able to celebrate it as we would like to. The pandemic is hitting our lives hard. Security measurements to prevent the spread of the virus force us into a social distancing, which is not really social, it is only physical. We wish and need to remain united, we long for each other.

The pandemic is also affecting us at the economic level: our charity shops, which are our main source of income, have been closed for three months only now trying to get back in shape little by little. Events, another important source of funding, are totally blocked as well.

With this scenario, we are suffering very worrying economic losses. This situation may lead us to reduce our care for patients so the viability of the whole hospice will not be at risk.

That is why our "Light a light" is now more important than ever: it will help us feel the union among us and will also be part of our campaign “Join the Sunflower Effect”, which will raise funds up to 185,000 euros to maintain a multidisciplinary home care team for a year. This team will care for more than 250 patients in one year, making around 1,000 visits. Their objective will be to ensure absence of pain, relief of symptoms and continued accompaniment with closeness, empathy, support and love.

Your collaboration is essential. I ask you to dedicate a light to your loved one and make a donation in his or her memory. It will be an honour for us to receive your dedication, so we will include it in our annual book "In Memory".

You can easily do this at Or, please, send your dedication with the attached form by mail to Centro Cudeca, Avda. del Cosmos, s/n, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, which allows us to care for so many people who need us.

I am sure that we will continue to count on your support and I send you my best wishes.