“A Night’s Dream at the Botanical Garden” in aid of CUDECA

Event 26 Aug 2019

“A Night’s Dream at the Botanical Garden” in aid of CUDECA

“A Night’s Dream at the Botanical Garden” in aid of CUDECA

Next August 26th we will hold a zarzuela lyric gala at the Concepcion Botanical Garden with the aim of raising funds to continue offering our professional medical care completely free of charge.

The artistic cast is made up of soprano Sonia García and Lourdes Martín, mezzo-soprano Carmen Ariza, tenors Diego Morales and Luis Pacetti, baritone José Antonio Ariza and pianist Jose Manuel Padilla, all artists from Málaga.

A repertoire of Spanish zarzuela will be developed and each work will be interpreted individually, duets etc, by the artists. The environment of the botanical garden and the stage, a subtropical jungle, make this event unique and unrepeatable. Cudeca Hospice encourages everyone to attend this wonderful concert to help them to raise funds.

Tickets cost 15 euros. Tickets are now available on this link:

The entrance ticket is obligatory from the age of 3.

Our sponsors are  Sector Alarm and Copicentro, in addition to the collaboration of the City of Malaga, Botanical Garden of the Conception, Music Master, Macro Music, Remote Control, Royal Pianos, Victoria Beers and Coca Cola.If you cannot attend the concert but want to collaborate with us, we also have the "fila cero" (contribution without assistance). Entradium collaborates with 100% of the management costs.

The fundraising gala "El sueño de una noche en el botánico" (A Night´s Dream at the Botanical Garden) was born as an opportunity to use a grandstand with a capacity for 450 people that will be installed for the musicals "Hara el espíritu de la selva" (Hara the spirit of the jungle) and "El tributo al rey león" (The tribute to the Lion King) and has been kindly collaborated by both musical producers to Cudeca Hospice for its use on the 26th.