The Mayor of Benalmadena participated in the re-opening of our Cudeca Charity Shop in Arroyo!

News 27 Feb 2020

The Mayor of Benalmadena participated in the re-opening of our Cudeca Charity Shop in Arroyo!

The Mayor of Benalmadena participated in the re-opening of our Cudeca Charity Shop in Arroyo!

On February 26, the Mayor of Benalmádena Víctor Navas attended the re-opening of our Cudeca Charity Shop in Arroyo de la Miel on Avenida García Lorca (opposite Club de Hielo) after the end of the renovation period.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Benalmadena Víctor Navas, the Councillor for Social Welfare Alicia Laddaga and the Councillor for Health Juan Carrillo; On behalf of the Cudeca Hospice, the Vice President Susan Hannam, the Deputy Chief Executive and Financial Director Rafael Olalla and the Shops Manager Daniel Beaudet were present as well as the group of volunteers in charge of managing the operation of the shop and more than 150 people from Arroyo de la Miel.


"It is much more likely that a sick person lives their last days better if we are able to give them affection, colour, love and empathy to their life; and this, CUDECA does it with a lot of professionalism, kindness and a lot of sense, as they know how to do it better than anyone else", commented the mayor during the inauguration. "We thank you on behalf of all the people of Benalmádena and all the volunteers of CUDECA for the work you do because we know about the work of the shops to finance this care which is so necessary for all our community. You will always find the Benalmadena Town Hall as an ally in your work," added the Mayor. "The shop has become very beautiful after the remodelling: it invites the citizens to visit it as it is a very welcoming place with a wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories, all donated entirely by local residents", said the Councillor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, and added: "buying in CUDECA shops is collaborating with a very necessary social cause".


"Our charity shops are an essential resource for continuing our palliative care services both in patients' homes and at our centre here in Arroyo de la Miel. Last year alone we cared for over 1,400 people and their families," said CUDECA's Vice President Susan Hannam, adding that "a large part of our income comes from the involvement of our community by shopping in our charity shops”. "From the Cudeca Hospice we would like to thank all our volunteers for their work and to make this shop so beautiful. We congratulate Daniel Beaudet, Shops Manager, and his team for this great work and we are grateful for the work done from the shops because it helps us to continue receiving much needed income so that we can continue our care for those more than 1,400 patients every year," stated the Deputy Chief Executive and Financial Director of the Cudeca Hospice, Rafael Olalla. "We are very happy with the work done in the shop and we are very happy to see how all the volunteers have been involved with their hearts in the remodeling and operation of the shop. We hope that they help us continue our special way of caring and that they will always keep that smile on their faces when they come to the shop in their shifts or to buy," said CUDECA's Shop Manager, Daniel Beaudet.


The items on display will be clothes, accessories and shoes for children and adult, as well as household goods and decorative objects donated by the community. For this reform, the Cudeca Hospice is committed to an innovative concept of decoration using recycled materials such as pallets, golf clubs, picture frames, etc. thus promoting the circular economy and responsible consumption.


The Cudeca Charity Shops are managed by teams of our volunteers and are the most important source of funding for the foundation. We still need more volunteers to manage this new shop.


More information on any of the 23 Charity Shops can be found on our oficial website or by contacting Daniel Beaudet on 952 564 910.