Dr. Yusuf Hamied, Benalmadenian of the Year

News 10 Mar 2022

Dr. Yusuf Hamied, Benalmadenian of the Year

Dr. Yusuf Hamied, Benalmadenian of the Year

On the 28th of February the Benalmadena Town Hall held its traditional institutional ceremony in the Plaza de Andalucia on the occasion of Andalusia Day.

During the event, the Town Hall presented the distinction of "Benalmadense of the Year" to Dr. Yusuf Hamied, for his link and involvement with the Cudeca Hospice, making possible the construction of the Centre for Studies and Research in Palliative Care; and to the Educational Community, for their work, effort and dedication during the hardest moments of the pandemic.

Thanks to Dr. Yusuf Hamied's extraordinary donation, Cudeca Hospice has built the Centre for Studies and Research in Palliative Care that bears his name, which will realise its founding vision of contributing to the training of professionals, so that they learn how to add life to days, using their "special kind of caring."

The Yusuf Hamied Centre, home of Cudeca Hospice's Institute for Palliative Care Studies and Research

The main objective of this centre is to train health and social care professionals at all professional levels to improve the quality in palliative care and the continuous improvement of it, as well as to develop innovative models of intervention and research. In addition, this Centre will be a complementary source of income, which will help to cope with the increase in the number of patients treated.

The Centre, which is located on land annexed to the Cudeca Hospice on lease from Benalmádena Town Hall, and which will open its doors in April this year, has three floors designed to cover all the services involved in its training and research work, making it a world leader in its field. There is no other place in Spain that meets these needs.

The building is divided into three floors, all with large windows that generate a very bright space with natural light.

Floor 0, with a surface area of 285 m2, fully equipped with offices, workcentre, library, study and relaxation area, and large terraces...

A floor -1, of 450 m2, equipped with meeting room, vending area, kitchen, and 5 classrooms of different sizes. These 5 classrooms are separated by movable partitions that soundproof the space and can be converted into a single large classroom with capacity for 100 people or up to five classrooms of different sizes with capacity between 15 and 60 people. It also has a specific clinical simulation space, and a space designed for simultaneous translation equipment.

The second floor, with a surface area of 469 m2, with gardens for student recreation and its own car park, will also house an auditorium for up to 150 people, which will be built in the coming months.

For more information about the Study and Research Centre visit https://cudecaformacion.org/