Cudeca Hospice Support Groups

News 20 Nov 2018

Cudeca Hospice Support Groups

Cudeca Hospice Support Groups

The Cudeca Hospice Support Groups are for English speaking people and are held once a month in various towns in the province of Málaga. People are welcome to come along to share their connection with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses. They can be patients going through treatment or recovering from them, or family members dealing with a loved one during treatment or during their own bereavement period.

When someone is diagnosed with an incurable illness:

-  There is a change that is unexpected and often devastating, especially when the illness has no cure.

-  Them and their family can feel shocked, directionless and afraid.

-  They face major changes in life and respond and cope in many ways.

-  They face many losses, such as loss of relationships, future dreams and loss of identity.

-  They often feel a desperate need to talk things through with someone who understands and can give expert support.

The whole family is affected when incurable illness is diagnosed and Support Groups provide a place where help, support and information can be found. They are a meeting place for patients and their loved ones who are at any stage of the illness, from diagnosis through treatment, cure and, if needed, palliative care through to bereavement.

The sessions are open to all, where questions can be asked, experiences shared and support found from others going through the same difficulties. There is a monthly theme about different aspects of cancer, treatments, emotional reactions, etc.  These themes are suggested by the members of the group. The Groups are especially directed to the expats in the Estepona, Marbella, Nerja & Cómpeta areas where many find communication difficulties, especially in a crisis situation dealing with advanced illness in a foreign country. Sometimes it is difficult for foreigners to find their way through the Spanish Health Service.

The group can help to:

-  Find support between families suffering the same problems.

-  Give information about cancer and related subjects.

-  Dispel cancer myths.

-  Form a practical Support Group with trained volunteers.


Either before or after the open sessions individual confidential appointments can be made. These can help you to:

-  Find a meaning and give support for your feelings which may be intense and complex.

-  Recover and maintain the sensation of “being in control”.

-  Find the best way to express difficult emotions, ideas, feelings for loved ones.

-  Express your doubts and fears or any other problems you want to share.

The Groups are held in Estepona, Nerja, Cómpeta & Marbella.

Estepona: 11.30am the 1st Thursday of each month at the American Club Estepona, Calle San Roque 69 Estepona.
Nerja: 11:30am the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Cafetería Cavana on Plaza Cavana, behind Balcón de Europa Church Nerja.
Cómpeta: 11:30am on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Cómpeta Youth Club, next to the Post Office Cómpeta.
Marbella: 5pm the last Friday of each month the Costa del Sol Hospital´s coffee shop Marbella.

All are welcome.

Please, contact Susan Hannam at Cudeca Hospice 952 564 910 for confirmation of dates, times and places of each meeting.