Cudeca Hospice launch the #CaringTogether Campaign

News 09 Apr 2020

Cudeca Hospice launch the #CaringTogether Campaign

Cudeca Hospice launch the #CaringTogether Campaign

With the outbreak of COVID19, the Cudeca Hospice has decided to launch the #CaringTogether campaign to let people know about the work being done to care for and accompany people at the end of life, and to send a positive message of support to the community.

To this end Cudeca has created a video with a message aimed at patients, families, care teams, other workers, volunteers and the public in general. It shows various people passing a "Caring Together" sunflower from hand to hand to show the importance of care at the end of life, in these very difficult times.

See the video here:

The message of the "Caring Together Campaign": We were born to care for others and stay with those who need us most, until the end, and now more than ever we must continue to do so, when they are at their most vulnerable. They and their families need us.  They need you. We will continue to care. Together, we are all one. One sunflower. Let's take care together #CaringTogether.

At the same time, Cudeca asks the whole community to help by sharing the campaign video on social media along with #CaringTogether and #Cudeca

The Cudeca Hospice is a non-profit organisation which offers professional care to patients with cancer and other advanced illnesses, and support to their families. Cudeca follows the philosophy of palliative care, a field in which it has considerable expertise and experience, and through which it gives its "special kind of caring". Cudeca alleviates not only the physical illness but also offers psychological, social and spiritual care both during the illness and in bereavement.

Right now the Cudeca Hospice care teams, made up of doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists, are looking after more than 500 people in their homes.

Join Cudeca's new campaign!  Share it to all your social media with the hashtags #CaringTogether y #CudecaHospice.