Cudeca Foundation, Cancer Hospice, Events

Event 02 Oct 2017

Cudeca Foundation, Cancer Hospice, Events

The II edition of the A Project – Salida del Sol amazing music and art festival is taking place in La Cala de Mijas from the 2nd to the 9th October this week at the Avanto Beach Restaurant (La Cala de Mijas) to help us.
The AProject – Salida del Sol consists of 7 Nights, 7 Bespoke Soirees, Canapés, Welcome Drinks, Food at the Interval, and some Surprises, for example each night will be themed, so the Opening Night we will offer Paella and Sangria, Closing Night for Mini Proms Fish and Chips, and all other nights something different, adding to the uniqueness of the Festival. 

During the week of exhibition, artists such as Julie Dowling, Evert von Bummel, Paul Arts, Henri Philippe and Ann Ridge will be offering an amazing array of work for your pleasure. 

Each evening after the Music Soiree, we will offer a Festival Club in the bar, where the artists will Meet and Greet you, and you have an opportunity to delve into some more food provided by AVANTO, at a very low cost, anyone for traditional Pork Belly on one of our 2 Danish Evenings.

2.50€ per ticket sold will go to the CUDECA Hospice, under the banner of the CUDECA GOLDIES, the energetic and inspiring team that continues to be involved in some amazing events along the coast. Over the last year, Project Music Management has raised about 2,000€ for charities in Ireland and Spain.

AProject – Salida del Sol are indebted to Heritage Resorts and Le Papillon Restaurant for their continued support.
Date: From 2nd – 9th October
Location: Avanto Beach Restaurant
Urb. Torrenueva-Playa, 29649 La Cala de Mijas, Mijas

Bookings: or call Carlos White 663 083. 249