Climbing La Concha

News 12 Apr 2008

Climbing La Concha

On the 12th of April Nicolette and five others climbed La Concha mountain situated in Marbella, boasting of 1270 M in height.   They chose to climb this notorious landmark for a challenge but above all to raise funds for Cudeca. Nicolette and her brother Robin lost their father last year.  Nicolette writes;

?My father died in the Cudeca Hospice.  It was strange, because in Cudeca you do not get hysterical, but you are somewhat prepared for what will come, as they helped us from the very beginning. Everyday is still very difficult.  It was a very hard time for all the family and the most difficult thing was learning to cope with missing someone that you love so much. The only thing that helped us through this time was the counselling and the warm support we received from the Cudeca staff.   

The in-patient unit, where my father passed away is now under threat of closure.   Let?s not allow this to happen!  Please listen to your heart and give whatever you can. My mother, brother and I, would like to thank all the lovely, sweet and dedicated people at CUDECA.?

For more information on our calendar of Events or how to become a benefactor of Cudeca, please contact the Hospice Centre situated in Benalmádena on tel: 952 56 49 10 or e-mail

(pictured ? all six climbers on the summit of La Concha)