British Hispanic Foundation Cheque

News 28 Jun 2023

British Hispanic Foundation Cheque

British Hispanic Foundation Cheque

On 21st June, the British Hispanic Foundation presented the funds raised at the Charity Dinner held at the Uppery Club Malaga to the Cudeca Hospice and the British Benevolent Fund at the Ambassador's residence, Hugh Elliott.

The British Ambassador, Honorary President of the British Hispanic Foundation, received the Infanta Margarita de Borbón, Honorary President of the Foundation, and a large group of members, friends and collaborators of the BHF at his residence in Puerta de Hierro in Madrid.

Hugh Elliott congratulated the President and Executive Vice-President, Pilar González-Baylín and Julia Sánchez-Asiaín, for their great work at the head of the Foundation with all the events held over the last year, contributing to cultural exchange between Spain and the UK and fostering good relations between Spaniards and Britons.

Pilar González-Baylín, Executive President of the FHB Foundation, expressed the Foundation's desire to continue to build links between Spain and the UK, and reported on the collaboration agreement that the British Hispanic Foundation has signed with the Ibermúsica Foundation for this purpose.

This was followed by the presentation of the British Hispanic Foundation's 2023 Awards, presented by the Foundation's Executive Vice-President, Julia Sánchez-Asiaín.

Matthew Taylor, Principal of King's College and member of the FHB Board of Trustees, presented the Ignacio Echeverría Scholarship in memory of the young Spaniard who lost his life in the London bombings of 3 June 2017, after confronting terrorists.m The award is given to a King's College student to study for a bachelor's degree at King's College. Alejandra Zabala Cruz de Castro, the winning student of the Ignacio Echeverría Scholarship, publicly acknowledged her award, demonstrating in her words, both in substance and form, how deserving she was of having achieved it.

During the second act of the FHB Foundation's annual awards ceremony, Pilar González-Baylín, accompanied by Francisco Espinosa, president of the Uppery Club, presented two cheques with donations of €2,000 each to the Cudeca Hospice and the British Benevolent Fund.

Marisa Martín Roselló, chief executive and medical director of the Cudeca Hospice, and Olaf Clayton, president of the British Benevolent Fund, received two cheques with the funds raised by FHB during the Charity Gala Dinner held last May at the Uppery Club, Malaga, to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

In the third and final act, the Friend of Honour 2023 award was presented to the London-based Spanish chef José Pizarro, who was very excited to receive this distinction because it brings together his two homes, England and Spain, and noted that it is the first award to be granted with a mention of both countries. The distinction has been awarded in recognition of his brilliant career in the United Kingdom and his contribution to a better understanding between the cultures of both countries. In addition to receiving the Friend of Honour diploma, José Pizarro was presented with a very special gift, the work of Esther Moreno, Amiga FHB.

The official photographer of the consulate, Juan Carlos Vega, wanted to present a gift for the Infanta Margarita, a photograph of him in relief, a work created especially for the Duchess of Soria.

The meeting ended with a fun charity raffle with more than thirty splendid gifts to raise funds for the "Queen Victoria Eugenia Spanish-British Doctorate Chair".