Beard Brexit!

Event 29 Mar 2019

Beard Brexit!

Beard Brexit!


Should it Stay or Should it Go?

"Over the last couple of years I have been taking the opportunity to grow a beard that has over the passed month caused many a child to call me Father Christmas, even though it is not white. Others have been encouraging me to lose the beard, so they can see my face again. This reminded me about Brexit and all those who wanted to stay and those that wanted to leave. So I have decided to give everyone the opportunity to vote on whether my Beard should Stay or Leave. This Charity event has a charity for the Stay and one for the Leave. The charity for the Stay campaign is Cudeca and the Charity for the Leave is Macmillan in the UK. From now until the 29th of March 2019 when the UK leaves the EU, you can donate to the charities. On that date we will see which charity received the most and see what the You the people want. So on that date will my Beard Stay or Leave? Even though there is a fundraising goal on this page, please continue to give to make your vote count", explained Ian Froment to us.

Donate to Cudeca to keep the beard

or donate to Macmillan to see it go.

Either way it’s for charity!


from now until 29th March 2019 (Brexit)

For more Info: Esther Ráez