Annual evaluation questionnaire for volunteers

News 21 Aug 2009

Annual evaluation questionnaire for volunteers

It is essential that we know the opinion about volunteer’s activities in Cudeca. To do this we send an annual evaluation questionnaire to fill in. Once again, we ask for your cooperation filling in the questionnaires so we can continue to improve our Volunteer Programme

In 2008, one hundred and forty nine volunteers filled in the form which was almost a 40% increase over the previous year.

Thanks to suggestions received this year we have made improvements. Some of these are monthly meetings for the caring volunteers, three monthly meetings for others and the shop volunteers have had training sessions at the centre,

The questionnaires have to be returned by 15th November. They can be brought personally to the Cudeca Centre, given in at one of the charity shops or sent by post, also there is the option of sending it by e-mail. The questionnaires have been sent out with the latest newsletter. If you have not received one please contact the Volunteer department tel: 952564910 or so we can send you one