1st International Scientific Congress of Palliative Care

News 14 Jun 2017

1st International Scientific Congress of Palliative Care

To celebrate its 25th anniversary year, on 14 June we organize the 1st International Scientific Conference on Palliative Care "Summer School" at the Rectory of the University of Malaga.

We organized the workshops as a member of the International Collaboration for Best Care for the Dying Person, promoted by Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute of Liverpool of Liverpool University.

The closing ceremony was chaired by Mª Angeles Liñan, Subdelegate of Equality and Social Action of the University of Málaga, who spoke on behalf of the rector of the University, José Ángel Narváez, during which she thanked all participants and speakers who had attended this important international event.

Opening the ceremony, the Mayor of Málaga, D. Francisco de la Torre, despite having a busy schedule, said he wanted to be present to congratulated the Founder Joan Hunt and the entire team of the Cudeca Foundation, for their 25 years of success taking care of the people of Malaga.  He emphasized that these scientific events endorse the high scientific and reference level of the Cudeca Foundation in the field of Palliative Care.
Remedios Martel, General Director of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Management of the Regional Government of Andalusia, took the chair and commented that Cudeca celebrates 25 years of effort, sustained growth, commitment and solidarity through volunteering; and added that Cudeca was formed in 1992 thanks to the strength of Joan Hunt and Marisa Martín, who developed a different model within the scope of palliative care, integrated into the public network of Palliative Care of our Ministry of Health.
Félix Lozano, Deputy Participation and International Cooperation of the Diputación de Málaga, said that public institutions should support initiatives such as that of Cudeca independent of any political party.

Finally, Joan Hunt recalled her participation in the start of the Cudeca project in the Red Cross hospital in 1991, saying that it was the care received in that unit that prompted her to extend such specialized and human care to the rest of the population of Malaga. She concluded once again thanking the whole community for being part of the Cudeca project.

Our Chief Executive and Medical Director of Cudeca, Marisa Martín, evaluated the results of the conference as a great success of participation with 10 different nationalities from 3 different continents from Australia to Argentina including many countries of northern Europe. She thanked the support in the organization from the Málaga City Council, Diputación de Málaga, Universidad de Málaga and AC Hotel Málaga Palacio as well as the participation of the speakers who attended the conference.

To conclude the conference, the renowned, reputed and referring doctor in oncology and coordinator of the Program of Palliative Care of the Health Service of the Balearic Islands, Enric Benito, made his presentation to the conference entitled "The values ​​that constitute our identity" in which he identified the 7 "Cs" in spanish that constitute the fundamental values ​​of Palliative Care (Consciousness, Awareness (Conciencia), Compassion, Competence, Commitment, Companionship and Courage).