1,140 participants walk at home for Cudeca “WalkaHOME”

News 12 May 2020

1,140 participants walk at home for Cudeca “WalkaHOME”

1,140 participants walk at home for Cudeca “WalkaHOME”

On Saturday, May 9th, we held our “ Walk at home for Cudeca “WalkaHOME” to raise funds to care for people with cancer and other advanced illnesses.

The walk had 1,140 participants who performed different types of exercises from their homes wearing their charity bibs; and more than €11,000 was raised.

During the event, Cudeca showed on its channel on YouTube, Yoga, Pilates, GAP, music shows, an interview with a most famous chef, and a raffle with excellent prizes donated by famous athletes and companies. The walk was presented by Salva Reina and Luisa Machen.

During the morning, the participants had different types of classes of Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Cardio and  Gap coordinated by :

Santiago Cruz Morales y María López, Urban Wave Style.

Suryana Escuela de Yoga.

Gimnasio Polideportivo Arroyo de la Miel.

Boyd's Fitness Centre.


And interviews, music shows and entertaiment during the afternoon:

Cooking recipe from Chef José Carlos García

Mago Luigi

Parque de Motty - Mijas Comunicación




Lee Townsend

Bárbara Pereda

Joe Eceiza

David Sanz

Cristina Alba Padial

Rodrigo Orrego

Pepe Torregrosa y Agustín Sánchez de Jarrillo lata

Diez Negritos

Revoluta / Free Soul Band

Tarifa Plana

Dry Martina

Javier Ojeda


Charity Raffle

At the end of the day, we had a raffle with prizes donated by famous athletes, sports clubs and companies. We would like to thank the international padel tennis player, Carolina Navarro; the international shot putter, Borja Vivas; the triathletes Alejandro Cañas, Daniel Pérez, María Jesús Sierra, the trail running athlete, Carmen Navarro; Athletics Club Rincón de la Victoria; Beer Runners Málaga;  Suryana Yoga & Sport School; Vithas Xanit Internacional Hospital, Perfumería Cubero, El Cao, Clínica Aroma, Acristalia, Frezyderm, Maura Kinahan, Peluquería Silvia, Bar La Caravana, Carnicería Huertas Martin, Rocío Garcia, Mary Matas and Cristóbal Luque.

WalkaHOME was made possible thanks to Dorsalchip, Obra Social “la Caixa”, Benalmádena Town Hall, Patronato Deportivo Municipal de Benalmádena, Cadena SER Málaga, Mijas Comunicación, Talk Radio Europe, Diario SUR y SUR in English, Fundación CLC World, Sunset Beach Club, Javier Martín, Fuengirola Athletics Club; artists and athletes, Sports Club, Cudeca´s volunteers; and to all the participants of the walk.