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Dedicated Tile
Dedicated Tile
Sample tile

If you would like to help Cudeca whilst also commemorating a loved one, we offer our Hand-made tiles as a lasting reminder.

The hand-painted tiles are produced by Carmen, a talented volunteer who can also produce beautiful bespoke designed tile groups.

The tiles measure 9,7 x 9,7cm and can contain a message of up to 8 words / 50 characters (or multiple tiles can be used for a larger memorial).

The tiles are mounted on the walls outside the Hospice Centre, where they can be viewed at any time that the hospice reception is open. The tiles are retained until an appropriate number (normally 36) can be mounted on the wall, so, while the production of the tile will take place within two weeks, the mounting of the group of tiles may take up to twelve weeks. Once the group has been mounted on the wall, a photograph is taken which may also be sent by email if required.

The price of a single tile is €75.

In the event you would like a photograph of the tile or special design across a number of tiles,  this can be arranged by contacting Marisa Ballestracci on 952564910 or e-mail to huchas@cudeca.org

Width: 10Height: 10Depth: 1

Price: 75 €

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