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Cudeca’s New Charity Outlet Inauguration a Great Success!
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Benalmádena, June 13, 2016
Author: Natividad Gómez
On June 10, Cudeca Hospice had the official inauguration of its new Charity Outlet, located in Málaga at the P.I. El Viso, Avenida Ortega y Gasset, 246.
Attending, from the Málaga Town Hall, was Pedro Palacios; and representing Cudeca, Joan Hunt, Founder and Honorary President; Ricardo Urdiales, President; Marisa Martín, CEO and Medical Director; and Rafael Olalla; Financial Director; volunteers, and employees of Cudeca. 
Cudeca Hospice wanted to share this great step with all the volunteers, so four bus routes were enabled in order to cover the area from Estepona to Nerja, stopping at the now 15 charity shops being operated by Cudeca. More than 130 volunteers and customers came to the inauguration of the first Charity Outlet, with a 20% discount on all the furniture.
Ricardo Urdiales, President of Cudeca Hospice, thanked the volunteers and donors for their dedication and support in the day to day functioning of the Charity Shops, and confirmed that the goal of the Foundation is to double the number of Charity Shops in the next few years.
Thanks to this new warehouse-Outlet, Cudeca can now better organise the donations received, as well as accept furniture and bric-a-brac of larger dimensions. Also, clothing is sold by the kilo.
Currently the Charity Outlet is seeking to set up two new workshops: fashion upcycling, and furniture upcycling, and needs volunteers to achieve these projects! If you’re interested, please call 670-211 028, or email
The 15 Cudeca Hospice Charity Shops and the new Outlet are managed by a team of loyal volunteers and are the main source of income for the Cudeca Hospice. We'll happily take any donations such as children's and adult clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, tools, books, furniture, and much, much more. For further information on any one of the 15 charity shops, please visit

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