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Martin Robinson achieves his promised “Sky Fall” for Cudeca
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On 12th of July 2017, Martin Robinson achieved his pledge to raise funds for Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice which to-date has raised €1.100.
Martin was assisted out of the airplane door attached to his instructor and fell 10,000 feet for over a minute before his parachute opened to deposit him safely onto the grass at the Dunkeswell Flight Centre in Somerset, England.  Martin who is nearly 70 was accompanied by his son on the flight, has cancer and is determined to raise money for Cudeca.
“It was not fear that ran through my veins in the plane on our way up to 5,000mts but the adrenaline and excitement of doing something extraordinary that I had wanted to do for years”, he writes in his own words. “I had a slight panic attack five seconds after we exited the plane behind the photographer; the natural "flight or fight" reflex that is deep within us all kicked in as we reached terminal velocity of 120 mph”, he continued in his writing.
The sponsorship money has been coming into Cudeca in a steady stream and is now over 1,000€.  With the content of the Cudeca collection tins still to be counted it is hoped the total will reach 1,500€ soon.
We send congratulations and warm wishes to say thank you to Martin for his brave attitude to attempt his adventure and we hope he continues feeling well and being such a great example of how to face life. Thank you for your generous dedication to Cudeca!

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