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Lagrimas y Favores Foundation annual support to CUDECA
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On Friday, March 7th, during the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation annual charity dinner, President Antonio Banderas, handed a cheque for €30,000 to Cudeca Chief Executive, Dr. Marisa Martín.  
The gift was gratefully received with the assurance that the donation will be allocated in full to support all the patient care programmes provided by Cudeca which each year helps more than 1,300 people suffering from cancer or other diseases without possibility of cure.
Marisa Martín thanked all the members of Lágrimes y Favores for their continued support over many years, the total donations to date amounting to €195,000.
At the dinner, the University of Málaga, Cáritas Parroquial and Fundación Corinto also received important donations from the solidarity projects developed by Lágrimas y Favores throughout 2016.
The Lágrimas y Favores Foundation was created in 2010 to raise funds with the aim of cooperating with the University of Málaga to help students of the UMA to study abroad through scholarships in universities in the US and Canada; and to Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice to provide palliative care.
Cudeca sincerely thank the unconditional support received from the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation, so welcome and necessary for their special care.
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