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MusicStory rocks the Auditorium with the Cudeca Goldies
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During the weekend of the 23rd and 24th September, the MusicStory Festival took place at the Benalmadena Auditorium, next to Paloma Park to help us.
Many acts performed to an expectant crowd as the Cudeca Goldies provided more than 5h entertainment each evening for the audience’s enjoyment raising €8.002 for Cudeca Hospice.
This special weekend was started by the incomparable Stelvis as he brought Elvis to life strutting around the stage with gestures and a very Elvis like voice that made everyone admire his talent. Following his performance, many individuals and groups brought their polished acts to this very special venue. The children from the Banana Studios were extraordinary in their timing, ability and professionalism as were Amalia and Paris from the Rising Stars.This event brought a diversity of people together, as we were all witnesses to a sprinkle of music through the ages from the 50’s to the present day.
All the following singers also performed out of their skin during this special Festival: Debra Stacey, Wayne Ward, Gordon Williams, Magnet Man, an exceptional Abba tribute was sung by Cath John, J.J. and friends and the impressive “One Wish” Steve brought Scooters onto the stage, which provided the perfect backdrop to his “The Who” tribute. The classy Rob Sas Duo brought an end to proceedings on the Saturday.
On Sunday, 24th September, Laura Elen got our 80s - 90s night underway with her beautiful Kylie Minogue tribute before singing a stunning duo with Deborah Dee who then sung top musical numbers on her own from Cats, Les Miserable and other musicals from a bygone era.
The Banana Studios performed a completely new routine on the second day of the Festival, having the watching public dancing and cheering in their seats. Mr Maph and Simone Lisa sung some outstanding Motown songs and Loz Carter provided some typical 80s dance tracks that took us all back to the 80s era.Terry Shaughnessy sung some excellent 90s songs from groups like Oasis as well as tracks from his new very successful album Volcano.
The Festival came to a close by “Queen of Magic” as they had everyone dancing in front of the stage as Freddie Mercury and Co. were remembered in the best way possible to send everyone home happy.
Thanks need to be given to all the acts for their dedication to Cudeca Hospice, to Michael Nunan for lending his expertise as the Stage Manager, to George John for providing the food and beverage and giving a sizeable donation to the Hospice. Also, Nancy Holt, Joy Fahey and the children from the Mijas Art Centre for providing the exceptional pictures that surrounded the Auditorium and gave it a special “feel” during the Festival as well as Weo Weo Fiestas who supplied the balloons around the stage.
We were joined by the Benalmadena Town Hall Councillor Ana Scherman as well as the Chief Executive and Medical Director of Cudeca Hospice Marisa Martin.
We thank them for their presence and hope that a sequel to this very unique and special event is not very far away.
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